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    Maybe you got too excited chomping down on peanut brittle. Maybe you tipped your wine glass just a little too far back and nicked one of your front teeth. Or, maybe you're like me and slipped and fell on some ice (while maybe not completely sober). However it happened, you now have a chipped tooth.

    It may be a small enough chip that only your mother would notice, or it could be more serious than that, like a Dumb & Dumber -sized gaping hole. But whatever it is and however it happened, it's important to know that you are far from alone — lots of people chip their teeth. In fact, cosmetic dentist Michael Apa, DDS, of Apa Rosenthal Group, says more than 50% of his patients come in seeking restorative work, which includes things like tooth trauma. "A lot of times people fall on their face, slipping and falling," Dr. Apa says. "Once the winter starts and there's ice on the ground, this starts happening."

    The most important thing to do in the minutes after you fall (besides going to the hospital if you need to), is scheduling an appointment with your dentist — whether it's a major chip or a minor one. That's because, if you don't fix a chip right away, it can worsen — similar to how a shattered car windshield is more susceptible to cracking. So you'll want to book an emergency appointment with your dentist, and in the meantime, stay with a soft diet. "In the initial few days after any type of trauma to the tooth, especially if it chips, it can be sensitive, so you want to allow the tooth and the gums to rest as much as possible," cosmetic dentist Lawrence Fung, DDS, of Silicon Beach Dental says.

    Sadly, thats not what I did. I waited and waited and waited — until I was walking around with this chip in my right front tooth for five years. (I know! I'm bad!) "Teeth are living organisms in your body," Apa says. "They have nerves and blood supply. The best thing to do is to take care of that tooth, and protect it, the fastest you can." If you have a serious chip and don't go to a professional in the next few days, then you may be faced with what's grimly called a "dead tooth," which happens when the nerves inside of the body lose blood flow and effectively die. And the longer you wait, the higher the chance that the tooth can further fracture.

    This fall, after realizing I wasn't doing myself any favors running around with a chipped front tooth, I finally decided to do something about the chip. Follow my process, and find the best option for you, ahead.


    Before we talk about me, know that after you chip your tooth, you're likely going to be presented with two options to fix it. The first is bonding, a practice most dentists can do easily and effectively, which makes it the most common and inexpensive solution to fixing minor chips. "Bonding uses a plastic material that you tack onto the tooth, [which you then] shape and harden with a light," Apa says. "You don’t have to get numb for it; there's no pain." It's also a procedure that can be done immediately and quickly, as long as the dentist has the right materials at that time.

    The cost of bonding can range from a few hundred up to $750, depending on your dentist, and cosmetic procedures like these aren't usually covered by insurance. "I always tell patients to look at dental insurance as a coupon that has a finite limit, and there is always fine print to read in regards to what the coupon can and cannot be used for," says Dr. Fung, who charges between $450 and $750 per tooth for bonding. "If insurance does cover cosmetic procedures, it may cover a portion, but never a full amount."

    The one major downside of bonding is that it's sometimes very difficult to make the plastic material match the tooth. Often, the material is grayer than the tooth itself and more susceptible to staining. So if it is a large area you're getting bonded or the crack is highly visible in your smile, then bonding might not be the absolute best option. Because my chip was in my front tooth, Dr. Apa and I decided that a veneer was a better option.


    When Dr. Apa suggested veneers, I immediately thought of the opaque smiles of Bachelorette contestants and one Pete Davidson. But if you just chip one or two teeth, it's not like you're going to be going in and getting a full mouth of veneers. What most dentists will do is target those chips with a partial porcelain veneer, which is basically a tiny tooth-shaped cover that fills in the chip and protects the tooth under it, too.

    Most dentists prefer veneers for these sorts of fixes because they tend to last much longer than bonding. Whereas bonding might only last a handful of years, a veneer's lifespan is closer to 10 years, and it's more resistant to staining as well — but that all depends on how you take care of it. "It’s not the material lifespan, it’s the environment you put it into," says Dr. Apa. "If you're grinding and constantly touching your teeth, it's going to weaken."

    Given all those facts, of course, they are more expensive. Dr. Apa charges $3,500 for a single veneer, and Dr. Fung starts his veneers at $1,600. Both credit the technology used to create the veneers, which can involve 3-D printing and high-quality materials like fine porcelain, for the steep price.

    A mold of my teeth, with the veneer in placeCourtesy of Apa Rosenthal Group

    Meet My Veneer

    In my case, Dr. Apa suggested bonding for the tiny indent in the middle of my left tooth (since it was so minor) and a veneer for the more substantial chip in my right tooth. And so his team got to work, taking a mold of all my teeth, which would be used to create the veneer, and then snapping what felt like hundreds of pictures to make sure they could create a veneer that matched the color of my tooth exactly. They also took X-rays to study my bite and make sure my tooth wasn't too severely damaged or cracked from the fall five years ago. (Thankfully, it wasn't.)

    Two weeks later, I was back in Dr. Apa's office where he showed me the tiny veneer that would be going over my tooth: a piece of minuscule, delicate porcelain, which you can see above.

    My Veneer Experience

    Sitting in a chair in his office, I wasn't sure what to expect next. Would there be drilling? Would there be a weird smell? Would it sound like he was grinding my teeth into nothing? Would it hurt? The short answer: not even a little bit. He didn't administer any sort of numbing, but instead passed me a pair of protective glasses so that I could watch the first 15 minutes of Oceans 8 while Dr. Apa and a dental assistant worked their magic.

    My before and afterCourtesy of Dr. Apa

    For the procedure, they polished the front of my right tooth, placed the veneer to make sure it was the right fit and color, and then (for lack of a better term) glued the veneer to my tooth with a special cement. Then, Dr. Apa placed a special light beam against my tooth and the veneer to activate the chemicals in the cement, causing it to quickly harden in place. In a matter of minutes, it was all over.

    As for the bonding of that indent in my left tooth, which actually grew in like that, it was also painless. He simply tacked the sticky composite material to my tooth, shaped it so it blended right in, and used a curing light to harden that as well.

    For a final step, Dr. Apa made sure the veneer was as flush with my tooth as possible and that my bottom teeth weren't hitting the back of the veneer at all. Leaving the office, all I felt was some rougher residue from the bonding material on the back of my teeth, which disappeared in a matter of days. Of course, I wasn't trying to bite right into an apple immediately after, but I did have a bagel a few hours later with no worries.

    Since then, I have tried to drink coffee with a straw and switch from drinking red wine to white — all to prevent staining the veneers and bonding. I've also felt more comfortable smiling wide for cameras and showing off my now nearly identical two front teeth, which is a side effect I didn't expect. Apparently, there was some subconscious insecurity about my teeth that is now gone. Even other people have noticed how I smile easier now, which is just about the best compliment you can get. All I can think about now is why in the hell it took me so long to finally get that chip fixed. Lesson learned.

    This procedure was provided to the author by Apa Rosenthal Group for the purpose of writing this story.

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    It's time to toast, because there's a lot to look forward to in 2019. Game of Thrones finally returns for its final season, Cardi B and Janelle Monáe might be winning Grammy Awards, and we have several badass women taking seats in Congress. But before we crack open the champagne and count down to the new year, there's actually one more thing we have to highlight: all the greatness the beauty industry has planned for 2019.

    Even though we just finished spending all our coins on holiday collections, brands are already announcing the products that will be coming to the beauty aisle in the new year, from remixes on best-selling products to new, innovative formulas. (And now, we know exactly where that $100 check from grandma is going.) Makeup enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to when it comes to building up their collection.

    So, if you're in need of a product upgrade — or want to put those holiday gift cards to use — we've rounded up all the newness you can anticipate in January. Ahead, the best makeup launches of 2019 to put on your wish list.

    At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

    It's easy to love the color payoff and finish of a liquid lipstick, but it's also easy to hate how much it sucks the life out of your lips. Thank goodness, Bobbi Brown is here to save us from all the mediocre formulas we tried in 2018. The brand's new Crushed Liquid Lipstick packs pigment, but also moisturizes your lips, so there's zero cracking or drying up. Hallelujah.

    Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip, $26, available at Bobbi Brown

    If there's one product our editors can't stop talking about for 2019, it's this matte eyeliner inspired by Benefit's best-selling Roller Lash mascara. This long-wear and waterproof formula has impressed us with its fool-proof application and flawless matte finish. Cheers to more cat-eyes in 2019.

    Benefit Roller Liner, $22, available at in January 2019.

    Fans of the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD concealer will have to part ways with the product in 2019. It's getting discontinued. But before you panic, the brand is bringing an entirely new formula to the table that's worth getting excited about. The updated concealer — that comes in 22 shades — promises 12 hours of wear without creasing or budging, so there's no need for setting powder. And if there's one thing makeup fans can agree on, it's that fewer steps is always a plus.

    Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer, $28, available at on December 26, 2018.

    Speaking of saving time, this luxurious multi-use glow stick can be used to brighten your cheekbones, eyes, lips, or wherever your heart desires. The smooth formula glides for easy application and gives you that subtle, glowing-from-within look that you get after an intense Pilates class — but minus the sweat.

    Chanel BAUME ESSENTIEL Multi-Use Glow Stick, $45, available at Chanel

    Ask a beauty editor what's the one product they can't live without, and 99.9% of the chance, they'll say Dior's Lip Glow. And the brand is releasing a candy-colored remix that has the same hydrating formula but packs the power of two swirled shades for an extra tint.

    Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max, $34, available at Dior

    This balm looks gorgeous in the packaging but the real magic happens when you dab it on. This innovative face gloss doesn't just melt onto the skin for a glowy sheen, but the formula also has a shade-shifting effect that changes color at different angles. Once you have it on, you can proceed to use the KiraKira app for added selfie drama.

    Stila Shade Mystére Highlighting Face Gloss, $28, available at Sephora

    It's one thing for a foundation to even out your skin tone, but it's another thing when it's actually working to better your skin. That is where Laura Mercier's new Radiance-Perfecting Foundation comes in. It has medium-to-full coverage that leaves the skin feeling extra soft. Plus, there's vitamin C to brighten skin over time.

    Laura Mercier Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation, $48, available at Laura Mercier

    Many brands are taking inspiration from star products, including Bite Beauty. The brand created a lip crayon inspired by the cult-favorite Matte Crème Lip Crayon. This version comes with a shimmery finish, but without all the nitty-gritty. You'll totally forget your lips have sparkle on them.

    Bite Beauty Crystal Crème Shimmer Lip Crayon, $24, available at on December 25, 2018.

    This dual-ended liquid eyeshadow is getting all the hype, and the New Year hasn't even hit. The shadow stick, which has a matte formula on one end and a shimmer finish on the other, has already sold out — in every shade — on And with beauty vloggers filming videos proving just how waterproof it can be, we completely understand why it's flying off the shelves.

    Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Double Ended Eyeshadows, $25, available at Sephora

    Leave it to RiRi to deliver us a delightful surprise as we welcome 2019. Fenty Beauty will be releasing 10 new shades of the fan-favorite Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick — also, a 2018 Beauty Innovator Award winner — bringing the total to 24 colors. From pumpkin orange to dark green, there's something for whatever mood you might be in throughout the new year.

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    It's that time of year: The holidays are here. Along with good tidings and cheer comes a list of must-haves. On that list — for most people — is a required viewing of Love Actually. Whether you love it or hate it, you know it's true.

    Love Actually came out in 2003 — that's 13 years ago — and in the time since, the movie has come to be associated with everything warm, fuzzy, and British. Who doesn't love watching Hugh Grant dance to "Jump For My Love"? Doesn't everyone love it when that little girl brings the house down singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You"? Plus, we all need a little bit of Emma Thompson every now and then.

    The funny thing is, when Love Actually was released, quite a few of the actors weren't all that famous — now, they're major stars. Sure, Brits knew who Martin Freeman was thanks to The Office, but Americans didn't have a clue. Hell, did anyone know who Chiwetel Ejiofor was back then? (Sadly, no).

    In 13 years, a lot has changed for this cast — some good and some sad. Scroll through to see the cast of Love Actually, then and now.

    Abdul Salis (Tony)

    Salis plays Tony, Colin's skeptical friend who doubts his grand plans to go to Wisconsin and woo women with his British accent. Boy, was Tony off he mark.

    Love Actually was one of Salis' first-ever roles.

    Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.

    So What's Abdul Salis Doing Now?

    Salis has acted continually since 2003, but his roles have largely been limited to British TV shows and movies. Unless you're a BritBox customer, you may not have seen him as Curtis Cooper in the long-running hospital drama, Casualty. Most recently, he appeared in the 2017 movie Trendy.

    Keira Knightley (Juliet)
    Before 2003, Keira Knightley was a very young actress with only a few movies under her belt. The most successful being Star Wars: Episode I(in which she had a minor role) and Bend It Like Beckham.

    That was all about to change. In 2003, at only 18-years-old, she starred in Pirates of the Caribbean and Love Actually.

    In Love Actually, Knightley played Juliet, the newlywed who couldn't understand why her husband's best friend seemed to hate her guts until it became all too clear. He didn't hate her guts — or her terrible taste in pie — he was actually in love with her.

    Can you say awkward?

    Photo: Universal/Dna/Working Title/REX/Shutterstock.

    So What's Keira Knightley Doing Now?
    After Love Actually, she became a household name and movie superstar. Knightley went on to star in two more Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, plus movies like Atonement and The Jacket.

    She earned her first Oscar nomination for Pride & Prejudice in 2006 and her second nod in 2015 for The Imitation Game.

    When she's not starring in major movies, she's the face of Chanel.

    Keep living your best life, Keira Knightley.

    Photo: Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock.

    Hugh Grant (The Prime Minister)
    When Love Actually came out in 2003, Hugh Grant was already a major movie star. Movies like B ridget Jones's Diary, Notting Hill, and Four Weddings and A Funeral made him lovable — and the go-to Brit for every romantic comedy.

    In Love Actually, Grant played the new prime minister who falls in love with a member of his staff. Naturally, insanity ensues — as it generally does whenever Hugh Grant is playing the guy who's falling in love.

    Side note: He really didn't want to do that famous dance scene. But clearly, it all worked out in the end.

    Hugh Grant—Photo: Universal/Dna/Working Title/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's Hugh Grant Now?
    After Love Actually, Hugh Grant was in the Bridget Jones sequel (that no one ever asked for) and Music and Lyrics (which has a great soundtrack). More recently, Grant has remained busy with movies like Cloud Atlas, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and Florence Foster Jenkins with co-star Meryl Streep.

    Grant's also become a father to three children. In a recent interview, Grant said that becoming a dad transformed him from someone "nasty" into a "delightful" person.

    Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

    Martine McCutcheon (Natalie)
    Before Love Actually, Martine McCutcheon was best known to Brits for her role of Tiffany on the popular series EastEnders and her singing career. In 1999, she had success with the song "Perfect Moment."

    But in Love Actually, McCutcheon played Natalie, the cursing staffer at 10 Downing Street who was being body-shamed by everyone from her parents to her ex and her coworkers — for absolutely no reason, may we add! Who cares about those jerks, anyway? She catches the attention of the prime minister and POTUS during his visit to the U.K.

    In the end, she picks the prime minister and they make out in front a large group of children at a school play. Maybe it wasn't the best intro to the world as the prime minister's bae, but whatever. Remember this, Natalie: Haters gonna hate.

    Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's Martine McCutcheon Now?
    Martine McCutcheon has been a busy bee. She's had roles in several TV shows, such as Echo Beach. She just wrapped a movie called The Bromley Boys. McCutcheon also released a new album called The Collection in 2012.

    Just last year, she and her husband welcomed a baby. In addition to everything else happening in her life, McCutcheon has been very open about her battle with ME(myalgic encephalomyelitis), a chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression.

    These days, she's on the show Loose Women.

    Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock.

    Emma Thompson (Karen)
    By 2003, Emma Thompson was already a bit of a legend in Hollywood. She was already a two-time Oscar winner (and had several more nominations to her name).

    Thompson already had movies like Much Ado About Nothing, Sense and Sensibility, and Primary Colors on her résumé. So Love Actually was a movie that needed her star power — and gravitas. And boy did she bring it. Do you remember dying inside just a little bit when she finds out her husband has been cheating on her? Yeah, we all do.

    Whether or not Love Actually was a success didn't matter too much — after all, Thompson was also in HBO's Angels in America television miniseries in 2003, which scooped up tons of critical acclaim.

    Photo: Peter Mountain/Universal/Dna/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's Emma Thompson Now?
    She's been doing what she does best: Being a boss. Just a year after Love Actually, Thompson played Professor Trelawney in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban — and secured a spot in the wizarding franchise.

    In the years that followed, she starred in plenty of other movies, too, such as Nanny McPhee, An Education, Brave, and Saving Mr. Banks.

    In addition to being an accomplished actor, Thompson is also an all-around badass. Remember when she went on stage at the Golden Globes with her drink and tossed her shoes? Yes, it's true: Not all heroes wear capes.

    Photo: Axel Schmidt/AP/REX/Shutterstock.

    Liam Neeson (Daniel)
    By 2003, Liam Neeson was kind of a big deal. He'd been in a ton of movies, including Schindler's List, Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace, and Gangs of New York.

    In Love Actually, Neeson played Daniel, the grieving widower dedicated to helping his preteen stepson find true love. He was also lusting over Claudia Schiffer.

    The best things about Daniel? He fully encourages his son's romantic interests, he asks Sam if he's in love with a boy or a girl without judgment, and he is totally willing to do anything for his son. No wonder he gets Schiffer in the end.

    Photo: Peter Mountain/Universal/Dna/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's Liam Neeson Now?
    Remember how Liam Neeson was kind of a big deal when Love Actually came out 13 years ago? Well, in the time since, he's transformed into a badass. His career has benefited from roles as hardened fatherly spies and mercenaries who can destroy bad guys with a few quick moves.

    But when Neeson isn't playing a badass in movies like Taken or T he Grey, he's doing voice work. He's reprised his role as Qui-Gon Jinn in the show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He's also narrated documentaries and had voice work in feature films.

    But let's never forget his most important post- Love Actually moment: When he gave the best monologue, ever, over the phone in Taken. That movie was so well received that it led to two sequels.

    Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.

    Colin Firth (Jamie)
    Long before Love Actually, Colin Firth was associated with romance. After all, he's the original on-screen Mr. Darcy.

    But beyond Pride and Prejudice, Firth had a few other major roles, including movies like The English Patient.

    In Love Actually, Firth played Jamie, a writer whose wife cheats on him — with his brother. Ouch. He goes to a lake house in France to write a novel and get away from the reality of his crumbling marriage. That's where he falls in love with Aurelia, who only speaks Portuguese. But their story proves that love knows no bounds, or...erm, languages.

    Photo: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's Colin Firth Now?
    You mean where is Oscar winner Colin Firth now? Yes, he won an Oscar. It's kind of hard to believe — not because Firth isn't a talented actor. But around the time of Love Actually, he was making movies like What A Girl Wants. A classic, for sure, but not an Oscar-worthy film. In the years that followed, Firth was making bad Bridget Jones sequels and Mamma Mia. Yikes.

    But by 2010, he found his footing. He won best actor for his role in The King's Speech. Since then, he's taken on roles in movies like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

    Firth also happens to be the producer behind the film Loving, which has been getting tons of Oscar-season buzz.

    Basically, Mr. Darcy is doing very well for himself.

    Photo: Gregory Pace/BEI/Shutterstock.

    Bill Nighy (Billy Mack)
    Look, Bill Nighy's been around for a long time. Love Actually is just one on a list of over 130 of Nighy's roles. But for many Americans, this was their first introduction to the power of Bill Nighy.

    In Love Actually, Nighy played Billy Mack. As his character describes, Billy Mack is "an old ex-heroin addict searching for a comeback at any price." Even if it requires him singing the crappiest Christmas song, ever.

    Despite being "left with no one...wrinkled and alone," Billy Mack finds real love over the holidays, too. He also does a striptease. That's the power of Love Actually — Nighy stripped down to a Christmas song for us. What more do you need?

    Photo: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's Bill Nighy Now?
    You know, Nighy is just busy continuing to be awesome. He's been in tons of movies over the last 13 years: Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest, Notes on a Scandal, Hot Fuzz. He's also been in mega-franchises like Harry Potter and Underworld.

    Nighy actually won a BAFTA for Love Actually (though it was definitely not his first major award).

    At age 66, Nighy shows no signs of slowing down.

    Photo: REX/Shutterstock.

    Andrew Lincoln (Mark)
    Andrew Lincoln loved Love Actually from the moment he saw the script.

    "It was such a good script," Lincoln told Entertainment Weekly. "When I read it, I knew in my heart that that was such a beautiful scene at the doorway with Keira. I just thought, This is marvelous."

    Yes, the doorway scene will live on forever and always. Fun fact: Lincoln said that he wrote out the cards himself (with a small trace assist from the art department). As for acting that scene, he says it was pretty easy.

    "I mean, there’s no acting required, really," he told EW. "I just had Richard Curtis’ brilliant words, which I didn’t even have to say. And then, I had to be infatuated with Keira Knightley’s character. It’s not one of the greatest challenges I’ve been posed as an actor."

    Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's Andrew Lincoln Now?
    Stop playing, you know exactly where Andrew Lincoln is now. He's Rick on The Walking Dead. And in case you missed it, that show is pretty well-known. Fairly successful. Might have a spin-off. May have broken records for viewership on a TV show. Basically, it's the biggest show on TV.

    It's hard to believe that a man with such a great Southern accent is really British, but that's the magic of acting, baby.

    Even better news: Lincoln is still friends with several of his Love Actually castmates, like Chiwetel Ejiofor and Bill Nighy. He even got dinner with Colin Firth. Doesn't it just warm your heart to hear it?

    Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock.

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Sam)
    Thomas Brodie-Sangster was only 13-years-old when Love Actually was released. He had only made a few TV appearances, meaning Love Actually was his big break.

    He played Sam — sweet, lovesick Sam. Sure, he'd just lost his mother, but there was no use in pretending that he wasn't also in love with Joanna, the coolest girl in school.

    According to Brodie-Sangster, he had no idea how to play the drums before Love Actually. His father taught him how to play — so, yes, that's really him playing before your eyes.

    Is there anything as heartwarming as a 13-year-old running through an airport to "go get the shit kicked out of [him] by love"? No, no there is not.

    Photo: Peter Mountain/Universal/Dna/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's Thomas Brodie-Sangster Now?
    Good news: Thomas Brodie-Sangster's acting career has been a big success.

    After Love Actually, he starred in movies like Nanny McPhee (with two Love Actually alums, Emma Thompson and Colin Firth). He snagged TV roles on shows like Doctor Who. He also voiced Ferb on the show Phineas and Ferb from 2007 to 2015.

    In 2013 — 10 years after Love Actually — Brodie-Sangster was playing a 13-year-old again on HBO's Game of Thrones. Most recently, he's been starring in the Maze Runner franchise and even got to play a First Order Officer in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    Photo: Joanne Davidson/Silverhub/REX/Shutterstock.

    Chiwetel Ejiofor (Peter)
    Before 2003, Chiwetel Ejiofor was relatively unknown, save for a role on the show Trust and a tiny part in Amistad.

    In Love Actually, he played Peter, the man who falls in love with and marries Keira Knightley's Juliet. Their wedding is probably one of the better scenes from the movie (minus their supremely heinous outfits) — complete with trumpets, guitar solos, and The Beatles.

    Poor Peter has no idea that his best mate loves his wife. But the good news is, Juliet only has eyes for him and his BFF loves him more than he loves coming between the happy couple.

    Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's Chiwetel Ejiofor Now?
    Oh, you mean BAFTA-winner Chiwetel Ejiofor? The same Chiwetel Ejiofor from the Oscar-winning movie 12 Years A Slave? The same man who's starred in movies with Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, and Matt Damon? Oh, that Chiwetel Ejiofor! He's doing quite well.

    He's been in everything from The Martian to American Gangster to Phil Spector to Children of Men to Kinky Boots. Most recently, he played Mordo in Marvel's Doctor Strange.

    Photo: Samantha Nandez/BFA/REX/Shutterstock.

    Martin Freeman (John)
    In 2003, Martin Freeman wasn't Martin Freeman. He was Tim Canterbury on The Office.

    But in Love Actually, Freeman plays John, a body double for pornos and sex scenes. While on the job, he falls in love with Judy, another body double.

    Their love story is usually cut from Freeform when Love Actually airs — because of the nudity and positions — but it doesn't matter. We all know that John and Judy found love in a hopeless place. And it was adorable.

    Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.

    So Where's Martin Freeman Now?
    Martin Freeman is so famous now! He is so beloved! After The Office and Love Actually, he went on star in movies like The Hobbit and TV shows like Fargo.

    But perhaps he is most loved for playing John Watson on Sherlock and having the sweetest, most bromantic relationship with his partner-in-crime-solving Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch). As luck would have it, there's more Sherlock to come (thank God).

    Most recently, Freeman signed up for the Marvel universe, where he plays Everett K. Ross. He already popped up in Captain America: Civil Wa r and we can expect more Martin Freeman in 2018's highly anticipated Black Panther.

    Photo: Jonathan Hordle/REX/Shutterstock.

    Joanna Page (Just Judy)
    Before Love Actually, Joanna Page had only been in a few TV and film projects. But it turns out that she was a serious dramatic actress, working years in costume dramas for the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company.

    In Love Actually, she plays Judy (credited as "Just Judy"). She's the sweetest, shyest person in the movie, which is funny given that she spends lots of the film nude or partially nude.

    She falls in love with John, despite his horribly cold hands (which he always warms up for her, first).

    Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.

    So Where's Joanna Page Now?
    Just being a superstar, that's all. Page went on to star on the extremely popular, BAFTA-winning BBC show Gavin and Stacey from 2007 to 2010.

    Since then, she's been on tons of shows, including Doctor Who 's 50th-anniversary episode, where she played Queen Elizabeth I.

    Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock.

    Rodrigo Santoro (Karl)
    Before Love Actually, Rodrigo Santoro had only been in one Hollywood film, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle — though he'd been in several Brazilian movies and shows.

    In Love Actually, he played Karl, the most handsome chief designer at a company, ever. Karl was so handsome that Laura Linney's Sarah is too scared to even talk to him.

    The good news is, she does talk to him at the holiday party and thanks to some Justin Timberlake and Norah Jones music, they go home together to have sex. The bad news is that they never have sex — because Sarah's brother needs her.

    It's still heartbreaking to think that Laura Linney got Karl down to his underwear...and just ended it. *Sigh*

    Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.

    So Where's Rodrigo Santoro Now?
    Well, for starters, he's still ridiculously good-looking. He's also made his mark on Hollywood. Santoro starred as the villain Xerxes in the 2004 movie 300. He played Paulo on Lost.

    In 2004, he starred in a Chanel No. 5 ad with Nicole Kidman, as one does between acting gigs.

    Years later, he was the voice of Tulio in the movie Rio. He's been in movies like Focus and Jane Got A Gun. Earlier this year, he starred as Jesus in Ben-Hur and got a papal blessing after an audience with the Pope in April.

    Most recently, he's been on HBO's Westworld, playing host Hector Escaton.

    Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.

    Laura Linney (Sarah)
    2003 was a big year for Laura Linney, who starred in the critically acclaimed film Mystic River and Love Actually. Basically, it was a breakout year.

    In Love Actually, Linney played Sarah. She was totally in love with Karl — so much that she couldn't even say more than a few words to him. So much that her boss, played by Alan Rickman, is sick of watching her yearn for him.

    Sarah is tough to watch, because she finally gets the guy — but loses him because of family obligations. But sometimes, you have to take care of your brother rather than hook up with a hot guy. That's how family, and love, actually work.

    Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.

    So Where's Laura Linney Now?
    That's Golden Globe-winning actress Laura Linney to you. The same Laura Linney who won a SAG Award. She's just chugging along — churning out amazing work.

    Linney went on to star in movies like Kinsey, The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which is actually really good), The Savages, and Breach. But in 2008, she won tons of awards and acclaim for playing Abigail Adams in the miniseries John Adams.

    Since then, she's had her own TV show, The Big C, and keeps popping up in major movies. Need proof? She's in two buzz-worthy 2016 films: Nocturnal Animals and Sully.

    Photo: Ovidiu Hrubaru/REX/Shutterstock.

    Olivia Olson (Joanna Anderson)
    Little Olivia Olson's first movie, ever, was Love Actually. How dope is that? To land a gig with some of the biggest movie stars on the planet on your first try?

    Olson played Joanna Anderson — better known as the little girl from Love Actually who sang Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and knocked it out of the park. In fact, her voice was so powerful, they reportedly had to alter her vocals in post-production to make her sound more childlike.

    If you can't tell from her cool braids or sparkly top, Joanna is "the coolest girl in school and everyone worships her, because she's heaven." Well, at least according to Sam, who is head over heels for Joanna.

    Lucky for him, she's into him, too. Ah, young love.

    Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.

    So Where's Olivia Olson Now?
    YOU GUYS! She's all grown-up and lovely! We even wrote an entire article about her being so incredible, 13 years later.

    After Love Actually, Olson had a few roles on shows like The Tracy Morgan Show and Zoey 101. But eventually, she decided to turn to her amazing voice.

    She was the voice of Vanessa Doofenshmirtz on Phineas and Ferb (yes, the same show as her on-screen boo, Thomas Brodie-Sangster). Now, she's the voice of Marceline on the hit show Adventure Time.

    Get it, girl!

    Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images.

    Heike Makatsch (Mia)
    Before Love Actually, Heike Makatsch was best known for her role in Resident Evil.

    In Love Actually, she played Mia, who's probably everyone's least favorite character. She's Harry's (Alan Rickman) assistant and she wants him to have an affair with her so badly.

    Mia drops hints and innuendos — with her and Harry even flirting in front of his wife (ugh) — until they eventually start their affair. Harry even buys her a necklace (which is actually kind of hideous) — and that's all the evidence his wife needed to put two and two together.

    Photo: Universal/Dna/ Working Title/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where Is Heike Makatsch Now?
    Makatsch has been busy working in both English and German-language productions. In 2013, she starred in The Book Thief, playing Liesel's mother.

    Right now, she's playing Petra Paul on the TV series Capelli Code.

    Photo: James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock.

    Kris Marshall (Colin Frissell)
    Kris Marshall played Colin Frissell — a.k.a. the thirstiest man in England — in Love Actually.

    His character was gross. For example, he picked his nose while talking. He also spit out food and put it back on a plate. But somehow, Colin was convinced that his lack of charm or manners were not the reason he was single AF. He thought that English women were just stuffy. Of course he did.

    So he went to America to get laid. It worked, too. We still aren't sure how, but it did. It must be true: There really is someone out there for everybody.

    Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.

    So Where Is Kris Marshall Now?
    He's been busy on several TV shows since his Love Actually days. From 2000 to 2005, he starred on the show My Family.

    Since then, Marshall has been on shows like Traffic Light, Citizen Khan, and Death in Paradise.

    Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock.

    Lúcia Moniz (Aurelia)
    Here's something you might not have known: Lúcia Moniz is a singer. In 1996, she came in sixth place at the Eurovision Song Contest — which is the longest-running international singing contest in the world.

    So when Moniz starred in Love Actually in 2003, she was already a singer with two albums under her belt ( Magnolia and 67). She
    plays Aurelia, a woman hired to clean a lake house where Jamie (Colin Firth) is staying. Yes, they fall in love despite not being able to speak the same language.

    They also jump into a lake together — freezing temperatures and all — because Jamie doesn't know how to use computers despite it being 2003.

    Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.

    So Where Is Lúcia Moniz Now?
    After Love Actually, Lúcia Moniz went on with her singing career. She released two more albums; Leva-me P'ra Casa in 2005 and Fio de Luz in 2011.

    She's been in quite a few Portuguese-language movies and soap operas, too.

    Photo: StarsOnline/REX/Shutterstock.

    Elisha Cuthbert (Carol-Anne)
    Fun fact: In the '90s, a young Elisha Cuthbert was on the show Are You Afraid of the Dark? Her first big movie was 2003's Old School, where she played Darcy.

    That was the same year she got a small part in Love Actually, where she was credited as "Carol-Anne — American Goddess." Seriously.

    Carol-Anne, the goddess in question, is a hot blonde at a bar in the U.S. who hooks up with Colin Frissell. It doesn't make sense. She's apparently dazzled by his accent and the way he says things like "straw" and "table."

    Photo: Peter Mountain/Universal/Dna/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's Elisha Cuthbert Now?
    Following Love Actually, Elisha Cuthbert continued to play "the hot girl" in tons of early aughts movies.

    Cuthbert starred in films like The Girl Next Door and House of Wax. But she also nailed down a gig as Kim Bauer on the mega-hit 24.

    In 2011, Cuthbert starred in the (best) comedy (ever), Happy Endings. More recently, she's been on shows such as One Big Happy and The Ranch.

    Seriously, though, Happy Endings was great. Can Netflix or Hulu try and bring that one back? Okay, thanks.

    Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock.

    January Jones (Jeannie)
    In the late '90s and early 2000s, January Jones was looking for her big break (while dating then-BF Ashton Kutcher). Unfortunately, Love Actuall y wouldn't be that break — but it did lead to her later success.

    Jones played Jeannie, one of the blonde Americans at the bar that falls for Colin Frissell's charm accent.

    Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock.

    So Where's January Jones Now?
    January Jones never gave up on her career and now she's a two-time Golden Globe nominee. Following Love Actually, she made a few movies, including We Are Marshall.

    Then, she snagged the role of a lifetime: Betty Draper on Mad Men. Jones also appeared as Emma Frost in the X-Men series.

    Now, she's starring on the show Last Man on Earth.

    Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.

    Alan Rickman (Harry)
    Alan Rickman was already the stuff of acting legend long before Love Actually. He'd been in movies like Die Hard, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieve s, and Sense and Sensibility (with Love Actually co-stars Thompson and Grant). By 2001, he had already taken on the role of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies.

    In Love Actually, Rickman played Harry, a man who starts an affair with his assistant. Harry was a complex character. On the one hand, he's a cheater — and cheating on his lovely wife — so you want to hate him. But on the other hand, he's funny and charming — because he's Alan Rickman — so you want to like him.

    Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock

    Let's All Take A Moment To Appreciate The Life & Career Of Alan Rickman
    Sadly, we all know how this one ends. Rickman died from cancer at the age of 69 in 2016. Both fans and celebrities mourned his death with tributes and kind words.

    In his lifetime, Rickman won a BAFTA, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a SAG Award.

    Rickman was a legend — and he'll be remembered for his voice, kindness, and the intensity he brought to each role.

    Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.

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    Forget Love, Actually. Jude Law "Is Daddy" In The Holiday

    0 0

    Welcome to Unfiltered, where we give our honest, no-B.S. reviews of the most buzzed-about beauty products, brands, and services on the market right now.

    It's been roughly a year since Rihanna's Fenty Beauty first blessed our lips and our makeup bags with the Mattemoiselle lipsticks, a lineup of 14 insanely pigmented colors — from lilac to wasabi green — with long-lasting, plush-feeling formulas and equally enticing names. We've been waiting patiently for more colors to drop in those sleek silver tubes in the months since, and lucky for us, our makeup fairy godmother has finally granted our one wish.

    On December 26, 10 brand-new shades of Mattemoiselle are hitting Sephora in-store and online, and at When the new hues landed in the hands of the Refinery29 beauty team ahead of the upcoming launch, it was like the holidays came early — and naturally, we needed to see if these new shades live up to the hype. So before you prepare to hand over that Sephora gift card you know you're getting for Christmas, read our honest, unfiltered opinions of nine of the new colors, ahead.

    Thatiana Diaz, Beauty Writer

    I Tried: Flamingo Acid

    "I’ve always been a huge fan of the Mattemoiselle formula, but the new shades were bolder than my taste at first glance; I’m pretty basic and usually go for the nudes and pinks. But I'm slowly starting to bring red into my lipstick game, and this shade made me want to speed it up. It was so flattering with my skin tone — which isn’t always easy for me to find — and wasn't too bold or attention-grabbing for comfort. My nudes and pinks have some serious competition."

    Ashley Edwards, Senior News & Politics Editor

    I Tried: I Quit

    "I loved the texture of this lipstick; it went on so smoothly. It also didn't dry out and made my lips feel moisturized. However, the brown color does look a little gray on my skin tone, so I'm not sure it's a color I would wear everyday."

    Landon Peoples, Fashion Features Writer

    I Tried: Ballerina Blackout

    "Just for fun, I decided to put this lipstick on right before I ate my salad for lunch. It didn’t really last to the last bite, but it didn’t go on that thick, either. I had to put several layers on to make it obvious that I had lipstick on. But if that doesn’t bother you, it’s a solid, dare-I-say everyday color that is worth its price."

    Rachel Lubitz, Senior Beauty Writer

    I Tried: Tigertini

    "Rihanna just gets it. During the holidays when every other makeup brand is launching your typical red-lip collection or eyeshadow palettes that are just straight-up glitter, she releases a lipstick collection with shades that'll make your conservative extended family gawk. Bless her.

    As a huge fan of bright orange-red lipstick myself, Tigertini was perfect for me. Now, I've heard that orange lipstick can actually make your teeth look yellow, but I refuse to accept that as truth. It magically brightens my face up and makes me look like I've spent more than 0.6 seconds on my appearance, which is really why you'll catch me shoveling mashed potatoes into my maw at this year's Christmas dinner while wearing a bright-orange lip."

    Aimee Simeon, Beauty Writer

    I Tried: Thicc

    "I wear the Stunna Lip Paint in Uncuffed every single day, so naturally I was drawn to Thicc, a similar rose shade. This one went on like butter compared to the liquid color, which deposits like paint. Once it was on it had a velvety finish that felt expensive. I loved how it enhanced my natural lip color and made them appear more full (or thicc, if you will). Only downside: I found myself reapplying this multiple times throughout the day, which isn't ideal if you'll be having dinner or drinks while wearing this."

    Michelle Li, Associate Stylist

    I Tried: Dragon Mami

    "I wasn’t a huge fan of this lipstick formula — I think it went on a little rough and chalky. I usually love matte lipsticks, but this one was way too dry for me."

    Jessica Cruel, Deputy Beauty Director

    I Tried: Turks & Caicos

    "Teal lipstick is a look, but when I went to choose my color among the new Mattemoiselles, this shade jumped out at me. I was surprised that the color came out of the tube looking exactly like it does on the box, and I didn’t have to apply multiple layers to get a bright blue-green color (which just happens to match this pajama top perfectly). The texture is soft for a matte, and there isn’t too much cracking, which is a win."

    Sam Sasso, Beauty Writer

    I Tried: F'n Black

    "I hate to be that person who doesn't like a product made by Rihanna (I swear I'm not normally like this), but I was never a fan of these lipsticks. Despite the fact that I was immediately lured in by the avant-garde shades, like that hideously perfect camo green, my lips just could not handle how drying the matte formula was.

    Now, I don't know if Rih reformulated or added some much-needed hyaluronic acid to the mix, but these new shades feel astronomically better on the lips, and are somehow packed with even more pigment. I can honestly say that the Stunna Lip Paint in Uninvited has some serious competition with this teeny-tiny bullet. Sure, I wiped it clean off immediately after taking this selfie, but if I ever decided it's time to transition to the dark side, I'll definitely reach for this dramatic lipstick."

    Channing Hargrove, Fashion Writer

    I Tried: Violet Fury

    "I love just about everything Fenty Beauty puts out, and this lipstick is no exception. As with most mattes, I always wish I moisturized my lips better before I applied the lipstick, but I think the color payoff is worth it."

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    We all know the 1934 story by P.L. Travers: An English nanny named Mary Poppins magically descends on a London family and uses kindness, discipline, and an odd sense of adventure to change the lives of the Banks family forever. Thirty years after Mary Poppins was first published, the fictional icon came to life on the big screen, and in Technicolor, with the help of Walt Disney, Julie Andrews, and Dick Van Dyke. Now, Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Van Dyke (!) are back to reprise the beloved roles in the sequel Mary Poppins Returns.

    When the first teaser for the film's second act premiered during the Academy Awards in March, longtime fans of the fantastical story were immediately curious and, admittedly, concerned about whether or not this would exceed the high marks of the original — could it do Andrews and Van Dyke's version justice? Turns out it does, but, surprisingly, not because it tried to replicate what'd already been done. Blunt recently told Refinery29 that she didn't want to one-up the story's legacy but create her own version of Poppins while still paying homage Andrews' award-winning role.

    Modernizing a classic character is no easy feat, which is exactly why the producers locked down Hollywood hair and makeup veteran Peter King to design a Poppins fit for Blunt. And when we asked if he secretly did watch the '64 version ahead of shooting (or least print out some photos for inspiration) he firmly replied, "Not at all."

    With nothing but a distant childhood memory in his mind, King set out — collaborating with costume designer Sandy Powell, director Rob Marshall, and the stars of the film — to make sure the newest Poppins is just as memorable as the last. So, we asked him to tell us everything: How Blunt's Poppins resembles the original, why Meryl Streep's hair is cut into a trendy orange bob, and exactly how Van Dyke felt about playing one very familiar character. His answers, ahead.

    Mary Poppins Might Not Age, But Her Makeup Evolves
    The sequel picks up 20 years after where the previous left off. While the Banks children, Jane and Michael, are now full-grown adults, Poppins looks as "practically perfect" as ever, which King did on purpose. "[Blunt] and I knew what we wanted to do with the character from the first time we spoke about it," King tells us. Specifically, he didn't want the audience to see Poppins in cakey makeup or heavy lipsticks. Instead, he chose to use lightweight products, like Chantecaille foundation and a cream blush for her lips and cheeks, to get that visible glow.

    Although Blunt's skin looks otherworldly on screen (again, totally intentional), King assures us that he simply told Blunt to keep doing whatever she was regularly doing to her skin — it already looked that good. "She'd come every morning to set with her skin already prepped and moisturized. She had a whole regimen that worked for her already, so I suggested she stick to it," King recalls. "But she's also not one of those people who makes a big fuss about an eight-product routine. She just does what she does and it works."

    One product King does credit to creating a healthy radiance is the DHC Cleansing Oil. "I like using it a lot and I know [Blunt] likes it as well," he says. "It's fantastic because it doesn't ever dry the skin out while a lot of other products out there can be quite astringent to try and remove makeup."

    DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, $14, available at DermStorePhoto: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.

    The Most Iconic Part About Poppins Didn't Change
    Although King didn't look to the original to design Blunt's version of Poppins, he did have one rule: The nanny's hair color would not change. "Of course, I saw the movie when I was a kid and I knew that Mary Poppins had brown hair," he recalls. This contributed to King's vision that Poppins' softness and warmth would translate on screen.

    Instead of dyeing Blunt's sun-kissed, blonde lob back to her former shade of brunette, King decided a wig would be the best option. "I prefer creating custom wigs for the actors because if you dye their hair for a role, you'll be back touching it up and re-dyeing it a week or two later," King explains. In other words, nobody has time for that, okay? Throughout the movie, Blunt wears three different wigs, all designed for different scenes. She has her wavy bob, a chin-length, straight bob, and a Victorian updo.

    Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.

    The Orange Wig Was Meryl Streep's Idea
    If Poppins exists "outside of time," then her distant cousin Topsy (played by Streep) lives in an alternate universe where everything that's wrong is right, up is down, and wildly bizarre is completely normal — which is exactly why you see Streep in green makeup and a tangerine wig.

    Topsy's look came only after King sat down with Powell, Streep, and Streep's longtime makeup artist J. Roy Helland. "We saw [Streep's] costume and noticed lots of lime greens that we thought would look quite nice on the eyes," King recalls. As for the hair, the cut came before the color. "We knew she'd be wearing a turban, so someone suggested we do this geometric, curly bob," says King. But that color was all Streep's idea. Her inspiration: Powell — and her outrageously orange hair IRL.

    Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.

    Dick Van Dyke's Return Was Easier Than The First Go-Round
    Did you know that Van Dyke played two characters in the original movie? Famously, the hoofer portrayed Bert, the chimney-sweeping jack-of-all-trades, but he also played Mr. Dawes Sr., the director of the London bank whose infectious laughter killed him. In the sequel, Van Dyke returns as Mr. Dawes Jr., the son of his 1964 character.

    According to Entertainment Weekly, 93-year-old Van Dyke insisted that he didn't need extensive hair and makeup this time around because of his age. “I thought, ‘Well, this is handy. I’ve grown into the part. I won’t need any makeup!’” the actor said in a press interview with Disney. “They put mustaches and wigs and muttonchops and everything, and I said, ‘You guys realize you’re making up a 90-year-old to look like a 90-year-old? He actually, for me, looked too good. Mr. Dawes in the first one was kind of scruffy. This guy was pretty well turned-out!”

    "Yes, we had to put [Van Dyke] in some hair," King recalls. "I spoke to [Marshall] about that because we had to have some continuity for the character." In the first Mary Poppins, Van Dyke was in his 30s, so he had to wear a lot of prosthetic makeup, a bald cap, and a wig to turn into the weathered Dawes. King assures that, this time around, all Van Dyke needed was a white wig and fake facial hair to complete the look. His appearance is brief — two minutes tops — but, of course, he manages to turn a quick cameo into a legendary moment.

    Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.

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    All The Beauty Looks We're Pinning From J.Lo’s Second Act Press Tour

    Did Taylor Swift Just Get Her First Tattoo?

    10 Celebrity Couple Tattoos We'll Never Get Over

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    Ask any tattoo artist and they'll tell you this: Getting a tattoo is the easy part, but taking care of it is where the real work begins. Once the needle lifts off your skin, the ink settles, and that numbing tingle fades, it's time to take your new baby home and, well, baby it.

    A lot like piercings, your tattoo requires its own aftercare routine. But if you're a total amateur at tattoos — or you've just been winging it — you need to know exactly what products to buy to help it heal. Normally, if you've done your due diligence and found a trusted artist, they'll give you a list of instructions to make sure all that hard work and money don't go to waste. It's not complicated; it just requires things like fragrance-free cleansers (this is important), gentle lotions, and thick salves for fresh ink to avoid fading and infection.

    No clue where to start? We asked four of our favorite New York-based tattoo artists — Sasha Woland and Jack Poohvis from Fleur Noire Tattoo, Mira Mariah (a.k.a. @girlknewyork), and Megan Massacre from Grit N' Glory — for the aftercare products they always recommend to clients post-tattoo. Click ahead for their picks.

    At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

    "I personally use Tegaderm, a transparent film dressing, on tattoos," explains Woland. "It stays on a finished tattoo for three days. During that time that it's on, no aftercare is required." Typically, this wouldn't be something you'd buy — but if you're looking for a more low-maintenance healing process, check with your artist about their preferred bandage method if this is something you want a say in.

    Tegaderm Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing ''4 x 4 ,'' 4 Pack, $7.62, available at Jet

    Since Woland is a Tegaderm fan, that means most of his clients don't have to do much until they remove the translucent bandage. After you gently pull it off, he recommends using a fragrance-free soap on the tattoo. His go-to is this cleanser from Target — which also happens to be a great option for cleaning piercings, too.

    Dr. Bronner's Dr. Bronner's Unscented Baby-Mild Pure Castile Soap, $15.99, available at Target

    If your tattoo artist didn't use something like a Tegaderm patch, Poohvis advises gently removing the bandage after a minimum of two hours. (Pro tip: Peel it off under a gentle stream of warm water, which helps it to ease off.) Once it's removed, he says to use an unscented soap to gently wash the tattoo with clean hands. Rinse, then delicately pat down with a clean towel and allow the tattoo to air-dry for at least five to 10 minutes. Cetaphil is a great cleansing option, and is available at most drugstores.

    Cetaphil Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar, $6.94, available at Walmart

    Most artists will agree that once the tattoo is completely dried, it's time to moisturize. Again, stick to formulas that are fragrance-free because they are less likely to cause irritation. Woland's favorite is this one, which is specifically formulated with organic ingredients and safe for sensitive skin.

    SheaMoisture SheaMoisture Fragrance-Free Sensitive Skin Body Lotion, $9.39, available at Walmart

    Both Poohvis and Mariah agree that Aquaphor is the way to go if you're looking for a balm instead of milky lotion. Poohvis advises applying it four to six times a day for up to two weeks.

    Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $10.69, available at Target

    "If the artist you're getting tattooed by doesn't use a second-skin product like Tegaderm or Seniderm, the best ointment I can recommend for the first three days is Redemption Tattoo Care," says Woland. "It's organic, doesn't contain petroleum — a tattoo no-no — and it also smells amazing."

    Redemption Redemption™ 6 oz Bag of 3, $42, available at Tattoo Stuff

    Another artist go-to includes this recommendation from Mariah: Hustle Butter. She tells us that it's great for the first few days. Woland adds that, no matter how much product you use, it's important to remember to treat your ink with care (never scratch, scrub, or pick!) and keep it clean.

    Hustle Butter Hustle Butter Luxe, $24.99, available at Hustle Butter

    Luckily, not every aftercare product is something you have to run out and buy. Take a peek through your medicine cabinet and you probably own a few of the drugstore options we mentioned or suitable alternatives, like this travel-friendly balm from Glossier, which Mariah recommends. A small tube like this is perfect for keeping at work to moisturize your ink during the day.

    Glossier Balm Dotcom, $12, available at Glossier

    Massacre swears by this SkinFix balm, which she recommends clients use once the tattoo bandage comes off. "It's really great for keeping the skin hydrated and your ink looking brand new," she says. The formula is loaded with orange peel extract, shea butter, and jojoba oil to soothe and protect skin — and it smells delicious.

    Skinfix Inked Tattoo Balm, $22, available at Ulta Beauty

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    Sure, your have a to-do list a mile long this holiday season — flying back home, buying presents, wrapping them, driving to grandma's house, making party plans for New Year's Eve – but Jennifer Lopez has an outrageous schedule. The multi-hyphenate star is promoting her latest film Second Act, releasing new music, building her makeup line with Inglot, making time for family, and possibly working on an upcoming skin-care line (?). And as crazed as her calendar might be, she somehow still has room to add one more thing to her list: serving up daily makeup and hair inspiration.

    During the press tour Second Act, which is out in theaters now, Lopez showed off several looks we want to copy for our holiday festivities, courtesy of hairstylist Chris Appleton and makeup artist Scott Barnes. And to be honest, we're pinning these red-carpet moments to recreate well into the new year. From slicked-back strands to super smoky eyes, there's a look for whatever mood you're in or whatever way you're celebrating.

    Ahead, the gorgeous holiday beauty inspiration we're taking from J.Lo's Second Act press tour. Ready, set, screenshot.

    At the photo call for Second Act, Lopez showed up with a low-key, natural look of nude lips, bronzed makeup, and straight hair. But in true J.Lo fashion, her lashes were glam as ever.

    Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.

    Serving as perfect inspiration for New Year's Eve, this sleek hairstyle will add an edgy element to your entire look, like it did for Lopez during a stop at SiriusXM Studios. We're also planning to steal her brown liner and clear gloss lip combo for the big holiday dinner with family — it won't get any smudges as we dive into sweet potato pie.

    Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images.

    For an appearance on Good Morning America, J.Lo kept to lighter makeup that featured draping, a.k.a. contouring with blush. She allowed her sparkly dress to shine by keeping her hair off her shoulders in a ponytail that was curled into loose waves.

    Photo: Lou Rocco/ABC/Getty Images.

    Appleton revealed on his Instagram how to re-create this retro look. After curling your blown-out hair with a large barrel iron, the hairstylist suggests applying hairspray onto your brush to "evenly distribute the spray throughout the hair so it doesn't freeze in place."

    Photo: James Devaney/GC Images.

    Looking like a true princess, Lopez appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon rocking a dramatic, brown smoky eye, mega lashes, and her signature nude lip. As for her hair, she slicked it back into a half-up 'do. Excuse us, while we screenshot this look for office party inspo.

    Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images.

    If you have a statement dress to wear this holiday season, let your dress do the talking, like Appleton did for J.Lo's pink standout dress at the world premiere. "Sometimes less is more, and because the dress was doing more, we decided to go for a clean, snatched topknot," he said on Instagram. "[We] added softness around the face with wispy pieces." The makeup was also kept on the lighter side with smaller than usual eyelashes, a soft pink shadow, and a pink-nude lipstick.

    Photo: Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock.

    When appearing on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Lopez gave us a sultry holiday look that featured a red smoky eye and bouncy curls under a leather beret. Nothing says "I'm home for the holidays" like a done-up outfit and makeup look like this one.

    Photo: Mike Reed/ACE Pictures/REX/Shutterstock.

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    Did Taylor Swift Just Get Her First Tattoo?

    10 Celebrity Couple Tattoos We'll Never Get Over

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    Before getting a piercing, one question inevitably runs through your mind: How much is this going to hurt? A Google search will tell you that you're far from alone; that same question, or along the lines of it, has been asked nearly 18 million times before. The age-old inquiry probably hasn't stopped anyone from adding another gold stud to their constellation piercing — but still, we wonder.

    Los Angeles-based celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson tells us that he gets asked, "Is this going to hurt?" before almost every single appointment — regardless of whether he's working with a piercing virgin or full-body pro, because pain is relative. Similar to the elusive pain factor revolving around tattoos, gauging exactly how uncomfortable it feels to get a piercing isn't possible until that sterilized needle penetrates your skin. Then, just like that, it's over. Within seconds you're checking out your new jewelry, too preoccupied by the result to think about how it actually felt.

    Thompson says that a few variables can affect how painful a piercing feels to an individual. "Pain isn't just physical," he says. "It's mental, too. People tend to be more nervous about that split second of discomfort, but don't think about how they're now dealing with five to six months of aftercare." Getting an infection from a new piercing because you didn't follow the post-piercing instructions can be far more uncomfortable than the piercing itself, Thompson stresses. The pro does recommend that clients eat, drink plenty of water, and stay in a good frame of mind before arriving to their appointment. Ultimately, he agrees that there's always the potential for pain, but isn't that sort of why we masochistically puncture holes into our bodies in the first place?

    Here's the thing: All piercings will probably sting, maybe bleed, and then throb for a few hours. But if you find a piercer you trust, listen to their aftercare instructions, and treat your new holes with enough TLC people will start thinking it's your pet, then you've got nothing to worry about. But just in case you're still curious exactly how much pain you should expect from a second lobe piercing or barbell in your nipple, read on.

    Piercing: Lobe

    Pain Level: Low

    "The lobe is this spongy, fatty, soft area of your ear, so pushing a needle through is like pushing a hot knife through butter," Thompson explains. "But if you come in and are looking for multiple piercings on the lobe, like a constellation, then the second, third, and so on and so forth will continue to hurt more than the last."

    Thanks to our nervous system, physical stimuli, like the pinching of a needle, trigger a signal in our brain to let us know we're being hurt and to move far away from whatever is causing that physical pain as quickly as possible. Think about touching your hand to a hot stove: You don't pull your hand away until you feel the burning sensation, and only then do you remove your hand from the heated surface. A piercing — especially double or triple piercings — is similar. By the time the needle hits the skin a second time, our body is triggered and ready to let us know we are potentially in danger of being physically hurt. Unfortunately for our biochemical reactions, this is one kind of pain we willingly seek out — and pay for.

    Piercing: Navel

    Pain Level: Low

    "Navel piercings, for some reason, really freak people out," says Thompson. "It's one of those things that a person can get really in their head about because the skin around your belly button is so thick and they worry that means it'll hurt more, but that's not true." If you're trying to mentally prepare for a specific sensation, Thompson says the whole process feels more like heavy pressure than excruciating pain.

    Piercing: Dermal

    Pain Level: Low

    Technically referred to as a micro-dermal piercing, these studded holes have become trendy when done on the forehead or next to the outer corner of the eye using a biopsy punch needle. Thompson notes this method/tool isn't allowed in every studio but, from his experience, is the most comfortable way to get a micro-dermal piercing.

    "The thing about dermal piercings is that there isn't an exit point. It's a punched hole right into the skin," Thompson says. "But, really, it only feels like a mild bee sting. The more fluid the piercer is with their movements, the less physical trauma it'll cause to the client." However, the piercing itself might not be painful, but the insertion of the jewelry could hurt. "The piercer is stretching the anchor of the jewelry, that kind of looks like the bottom of a boot, into the new hole," he explains. "You'll feel a quick sting from the needle, some pressure to insert the jewelry, and then it's done."

    Piercing: Nose

    Pain Level: Mild

    "Nose piercings can be a little painful, but only because the most uncomfortable piercings are going to be the ones on your head," says Thompson. "There are just so many nerves in your nose, it's one of your senses. But at the most, the pain is mild. Just expect your eyes to water a little."

    Piercing: Cartilage

    Pain Level: High

    Since the top half of the ear is more dense than the lobe, a cartilage piercing is likely to hurt more than any other ear piercing. "There's more drag on the needle when pulling it through the cartilage," Thompson explains. "So, yes, it hurts a little more than other holes, but is tolerable enough that I've never met anyone who couldn't handle it." Hey, at least you could always fake it with one of these convincing pin earrings.


    Pain Level: High

    "My nipples hurt the worst out of any piercing I’ve ever personally gotten," Thompson says. "For some reason, I've noticed that men don't handle the pain as well as women do in the nipple area." If you get both done in the same day, expect the second piercing to hurt more than the first. Thompson explains that, more often than not, people notice their tolerance lower by the second round because their bodies are already well-aware of being in pain from the previous puncture. But, again, it's all relative.

    Piercing: Genital

    Pain Level: High

    No one needs to tell you that your genitals are sensitive — it's just how those body parts are built. Since that's the case, Thompson says this one will hurt, but again, only for a second. A good rule of thumb is to do your research in advance and ask prospective piercers how many genital piercings they've done in the past, and figure out exactly what kind of genital piercing you're looking for (there are at least six options for a vagina piercing).

    "I once had a client have such a jolting reaction, she accidentally kicked me in the chest," Thompson recalls. "If you're getting a piercing on your clitoris, remember that one of its main jobs is to receive sensation, so it's totally normal for you to have an instant, involuntary reaction. Luckily, the process is over fast."

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    The Scrubs & Treatments You Need To Survive Chapped-Lips Season

    Everything You Need To Properly Take Care Of That New Tattoo

    13 Spa Gifts That Are The Next Best Thing To An Actual Spa Day

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    Lip scrubs are a divisive product category. We all know that exfoliating your lips is necessary — especially in colder months if you want your lipstick to look smooth and supple — but is it really worth it to buy an entire lip scrub product? Don't those DIY treatments suffice?

    The real deciding factor is if you're willing to hand over that cash. But there's also this to consider: Not all dry lips need a scrub. In fact, using lip scrubs incorrectly can make matters worse.

    "There's a difference between chapped lips and flaky lips," says Sara Happ, founder of her eponymous lip-care brand. According to Happ, chapped lips indicate dehydrated skin, while flaky, cracked, or bleeding lips indicate damaged skin. "Chapped lips should be scrubbed daily, but flaky lips need to heal," she says. "Exfoliating isn't going to give [flaky lips] the love and rest they need."

    Dennis Gross, MD, a NYC-based dermatologist and founder of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, agrees. "Because the skin is thin on the lips, it is a fine line one might walk when exfoliating," he says. "Over-exfoliating lips will throw them off balance and, in turn, make them more dry. This can make them prone to cracking."

    So what's the final verdict? If your lips are cracked and flaky, stick to soothing balms and treatments; if they're chapped, feel free to buff, but don't go overboard. Check out our favorite scrubs and treatments ahead.

    At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

    Lip Scrub

    Treat your lips to a little bit of dessert any time a day by swirling this sweet-tasting scrub in circular motions before applying your favorite lip balm this winter. Though it may look sweet, it's packed with highly effective ingredients like castor oil to ensure the most supple lips imaginable.

    Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub, $12, available at Ulta Beauty

    Packaged in a biodegradable tube made of sugarcane, this 100% natural and vegan lip scrub uses a cocktail of sugar and strawberry extract to slough away dead and dry skin, and sweet almond oil to help restore moisture.

    Bybi Lip Buffer, $15, available at Chillhouse

    This gritty scrub comes in a lipstick-style tube filled with raw sugar granules, vitamin E, shea butter, and avocado oil to hydrate and exfoliate. Buff it on straight from the bullet, then wipe off the excess sugar and oils with a tissue before following up with your favorite lip balm.

    e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator, $3, available at Ulta Beauty

    This is another lip scrub with a price tag that won't make you squirm. Easily found at the drugstore and packed with enough product to last you a year, this one balances just the right amount of grit to scrape off dead skin and plenty of nourishing ingredients like coconut and jojoba oils.

    Milani Milani KEEP IT SWEET Sugar Lip Scrub, $10.49, available at Target

    With exfoliating honey crystals, Burt's Bees' 100% natural lip scrub formula buffs away rough skin and gets rid of long-lasting liquid lipsticks. The brand recommends using two to three times a week, when needed.

    Burt's Bees Natural Conditioning Lip Scrub, $8.99, available at Burt's Bees®

    Dior's scrubbing bullet not only feels soft and indulgent on lips, but it also has special melting sugar crystals so you don't have to deal with any mess. The luxury matches the price, though.

    Dior Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub, $36, available at Sephora

    While we wouldn't recommend you regularly ingest Happ's heavenly lip scrubs, we can't blame you for sneaking a lick every now and then. They're insanely delicious and come in flavors that'll satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Sara Happ The Lip Scrub in Pink Grapefruit, $22, available at Amazon

    This crayon-style tube is a balm and scrub in one. Once you're done buffing your lips with the sugar-infused tip, blot off the excess sugar and leave the hydrating balm on to soothe and hydrate.

    Tarte Lip Facial Lip Scrub, $16, available at Sephora

    Scour the rabbit hole that is Lush product reviews on YouTube and you'll find this minty scrub pop up more than once. Bonus: The food-grade product is actually good enough to eat.

    Lush Mint Julips, $10.95, available at Lush

    Inside this tub you'll find a cherry-scented blend of coffee, raw sugar, and beeswax to keep lips healthy and plump.

    Frank Body Cherry Bomb Lip Scrub, $14.95, available at Frank Body

    This scrub smells like a sugar cookie, and keeps lips soft long after it's wiped off.

    Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub , $11.89, available at Target

    The holiday season may not be upon us just yet, but this peppermint-flavored drugstore pick — with vitamin E and coconut oil — is a refreshing take on the limited-edition lattes we love.

    ChapStick Total Hydration Conditioning Lip Scrub, $4.49, available at Target

    Lip Treatment

    This vanilla-scented leave-on mask has soothed our wind-whipped lips for three consecutive winters thanks to its antioxidant-, jojoba oil-, and agave-infused formula. Fair warning, though: It's thick and sticky, so save it for when you're binge-watching TV in bed at night.

    Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, $26, available at Sephora

    This lip mask is made with bentonite clay, but it won't dry out the skin like a traditional clay mask might — in fact, it does the opposite. Smooth on a layer of the bubblegum pink paste to your mouth and let it sit for up to 20 minutes. Then wipe it off to reveal smoother, more hydrated lips.

    Sara Happ The Sweet Clay Lip Mask, $32, available at Amazon

    Like a balm with superpowers, this thick mask is packed with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, so you'll wake up with the softest, smoothest, plumpest lips ever.

    Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $20, available at Sephora

    This lip mask is meant to be worn overnight. Smooth it on before getting into bed and you'll wake up to softer lips with fewer lines and no flakes.

    Memebox Nooni Applebutter Lip Mask, $15, available at Ulta Beauty

    With coconut and mango oil, this buttery lip treatment works to repair the moisture barrier overnight.

    Kiehl's Buttermask Intense Repair Lip Treatment, $24, available at Sephora

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    These Are The Most (& Least) Painful Places To Get A Piercing

    Everything You Need To Properly Take Care Of That New Tattoo

    13 Spa Gifts That Are The Next Best Thing To An Actual Spa Day

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    We can't tell you the number of hours (or the amount of money) we've spent at Whole Foods Market this year and — honestly — we think it's best if we didn't know the exact numbers. But of all our time spent perusing the aisles of the grocery store/wellness chain, we've experienced very little buyer's remorse, especially when it comes to our finds from the beauty aisle.

    The retailer is home to a world of skin, hair, and makeup products for the ingredient-conscious. It's a dangerous place for those of us who have a habit of buying products that aren't on the list because every time we walk out with a new body wash or serum from the beauty section in Whole Foods, we discover a new favorite. And it seems like we're not the only ones with this problem habit.

    We got an exclusive look at the best-selling beauty products at Whole Foods this year, and the elite list includes all-purpose creams we'd buy in bulk if we could, brightening serums that make your skin look revived, and a cult-favorite lip balm we have way too many tubes of. Ahead, check out the products shoppers loved most this year.

    At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

    This clarifying bar is powered by activated charcoal to sop up dirt and product buildup from your face and body.

    Pacha Soap Bars, $6.00, available at Whole Foods Market.

    We've gone through a few bottles of this all-purpose soap this year, and we have no plans of slowing down come 2019. It has an invigorating peppermint scent that makes the bathtub smell like a spa when shower time rolls around.

    Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap in Peppermint, $15.99, available at Whole Foods Market.

    How convenient is it to re-up on your serum while you shop for almonds in bulk? This one has vitamin C, ferulic acid, and hyaluronic acid to brighten skin and protect against dryness.

    Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum, $23.99, available at Whole Foods Market

    When your face, hands, or elbows hit a rough patch, Skin Food will smooth things over. The formula is super thick and hydrating (without feeling greasy), and you can use it just about anywhere. We always pick up two tubes at a time so we never run low.

    Weleda Skin Food, $10.39, available at Whole Foods Market.

    Acne-prone, dry, irritated, and dull skin can all get a kick out of this OG toner, which has witch hazel and rose water to soothe and hydrate. Plus it has no alcohol, so it won't leave your face feeling dehydrated.

    Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free Toner, $8.99, available at Whole Foods Market.

    This brightening scrub has sea kelp, lemon peel, and French green clay to purge your face of dead skin.

    Acure Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub, $8.49, available at Whole Foods Market.

    It's almost impossible to go grocery shopping without stopping to look at the trinkets near the register. While we can resist the tabloid magazines and the candy bars, we always seem to throw in one of these Burt's Bees tubes at the last minute. The balm has vitamin E to moisturize and peppermint oil, which leaves behind a nice tingle.

    Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, $3.29, available at Whole Foods Market.

    Sometimes clean beauty products can feel more DIY than prestige. But a luxurious-feeling, hydrating cream that brightens and replenishes moisture in your skin — without leaving it oily — exists in this Dr. Hausckha tube.

    Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, $33.75, available at Whole Foods Market.

    Usually when you hear face oil, you think about a thick, shine-inducing serum. This certified-organic blend is formulated with rosehip oil and essential fatty acids to keep your skin glowing and plump, without leaving any heavy residue. It's lightweight enough to use morning and night.

    Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, $18.25, available at Whole Foods Market.

    A good shampoo shouldn't leave your hair feeling even more dry. This one has aloe vera, argan oil, and coconut oil to put hydration back into your strands after you wash. Plus, it's got a lavender scent that takes the stress out of wash day.

    365 Everyday Value Lavender Shampoo, $24.95, available at Whole Foods Market.

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    We Tried $255 Worth Of Highlighters — & Found A Winner

    The Scrubs & Treatments You Need To Survive Chapped-Lips Season

    These Are The Most (& Least) Painful Places To Get A Piercing

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    The future of beauty is here — and you’re invited. Check out the rest of our 2018 Refinery29 Beauty Innovator Awards winners for a full look at the products, brands, and people that are breaking the rules and redefining beauty standards, one lipstick at a time.

    If there is one beauty product most likely to be infused with actual magic, it's highlighter. The game-changing, glow-inducing formulas have the power to brighten up our faces, make for the best selfies, or singlehandedly transform us into dewy dumplings. Mascaras and concealers still do their jobs to make us look approximately 38,749 times more awake, but there's just something about getting complimented on "your glow" when you're not four months pregnant or just walking out of a cardio class.

    To prove our point, we tried the buzziest highlighter formulas of 2018, from jellies to domes to Tin Man silvers, in order to find the very best in the name of our Beauty Innovator Awards. We eventually landed on ones that impressed the hell out of us... and, in one case, even had us referencing the Bible. But we're not ones to keep that good information to ourselves — ahead, the highlighters that gave us the best glow, no ring light necessary.

    At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

    "The way this transforms from jelly and sets as powder on the skin is fascinating; it really glides on and gives you that powder glow, but with a more comfortable feel. Plus, the pigment is amazing — so much so that my mom asked me if I was pregnant because I was glowing. I just informed her that it was a new highlighter I was trying." — Thatiana Diaz, Beauty Writer

    FARSÁLI Jelly Beam Illuminator, $40, available at Sephora

    "On the seventh day, God created Giorgio Armani Beauty Neo Nude A-Highlight. This is a product that does it all: It can be a base, blush, highlighter, or primer, and the transparent, blendable color is gorgeous. If you need to keep just one thing in your makeup bag, this is it right here." — Emily Curl, Associate Video Producer

    Giorgio Armani A-Line Highlighter/0.13 oz., $38, available at Saks Fifth Avenue

    "This little nub of a highlighter goes on exactly where I want it to. The color is warm and not overly sparkly or ashy on my brown skin. I also love that you can easily pop it into your bag for highlighter touch-ups throughout the day." — Jessica Cruel, Deputy Beauty Director

    Sleek Makeup Strobe Dome, $13, available at Cosmetic Cravings

    "I never thought that a silver highlight could be versatile enough to pull off on dark skin. I love that I can wear this tinsel shade from day-to-day or layer it on for an over-the-top look. There's also the bonus of wearing it as eyeshadow." — Sesali Bowen, Senior Entertainment Writer

    Fenty Beauty By Rihanna KILLAWATT, $34, available at Fenty Beauty

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    8 Gold Eyeshadows To Help You Sparkle Through The Holiday Season

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    We weren’t exactly paying attention in middle-school science class. If we were, we would understand the laws of static electricity or, at the very least, why scarves, turtlenecks, and beanies royally eff with our hair all winter.

    Because it's never too late to learn, here’s what we missed: The reason we get staticky hair when wearing hats, scarves, high-necked sweaters — all the winter things — is due to an electron deficiency that occurs when strands rub against these fabrics. Once fabrics are removed, strands of hair stand up and cling to our gear as part of an electron grab to help regain balanced energy. The effect? Well, it's one that makes flyaways look tame.

    Though not even the coolest of science teachers could get us to pay attention then, now all we want is to be schooled on how to tame staticky hair. So, we rang a couple of pro stylists, who turned us on to their best tricks for kicking static this winter, electron deficiency be damned.

    About That Comb...

    Some of the main perpetrators of static are things we can’t avoid (like dry heat from thermostat environments, which strips hair of moisture, and high-necked sweaters, scarves, and hats). But as Kylee Heath, a hairstylist who works with Nicole Kidman and Emma Roberts, points out, there's another culprit that you can control. “Brushing dry hair out with a plastic comb or brush only makes static worse,” she says. “Use a brush or comb made from bone or wood instead. It won’t perpetuate the problem, plus these materials are much stronger and last longer than plastic.”

    Raid Your Laundry Room

    Staticky hair often takes shape just as we’ve shed outer layers of winter wear. One tried-and-true stylist's solution? Bypass the harried first impression by packing a laundry room staple: “Fabric softener sheets are the best solution I’ve found to fighting static and unwanted frizz. Because they’re made for fibers, they work well on hair strands, too,” says stylist Marc Mena, whose clients include Mindy Kaling and Madelaine Petsch. The trick is as easy as running the dryer sheets down your hair, from roots to ends to neutralize the hair’s charge. (Bonus: Packing fabric softener keeps your bag smelling fresh, as Mena points out.) Because parched hair is more susceptible to static cling, Mena also suggests melting a dab of coconut oil between your hands and running it through the hair to restore moisture.

    Fight Static With Style

    Of course, there’s a hack to keep staticky hair from happening in the first place — but it takes a little planning to achieve. Before you even leave the house, Heath suggests scheduling time for this styling Rx: “If you know you’ll be wearing a scarf or hat for the day, add a touch of hair oil, serum, texture spray, or wax to the hair before styling it into two loose braids or a French braid,” she says. The products help give hair a little more weight and, therefore, static control. “Once you get to your destination, remove the hat or scarf, and then the braids. It’s worked on my hair every time.”

    At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

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    The Experts' Guide To The Best New York City Hair Salons

    Statement Barrettes Are The New Graphic Tees

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    The best way to get through holiday madness, bitingly cold weather, and this wild year we're calling 2018? For us, it's not Champagne, but high-sparkle makeup (because who has time for a hangover when there are New Year's resolutions to get to?). For our money, nothing bumps up a standard makeup look better than densely-packed glitter — and nothing gives us the look faster than a quick swipe of eyeliner.

    The only hitch? There are a surprisingly limited pool of brands who are kicking out the shiny stuff in shades and formulas suitable for grownups. Because we aren't looking for the saccharine shades developed for kids and costuming (and in formulas that literally get everywhere), we've rounded up the best glitter eyeliners that stay in place, shift color in the light, and make your party vibe pop — no bottles required.

    At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

    Marc Jacobs Beauty added seven glitter-packed shades to its much-loved gel eyeliner range this fall, and we couldn't be happier. The silky formula glides on with zero tugging, and offers a cleaner, more travel-friendly alternative to liquid glitter options.

    Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Glam Glitter Gel Eyeliner, $25, available at Sephora

    The thing about glitter eyeliner is that we want it to stay where it belongs — which is easier said than done. This no-budge formula doesn't transfer onto your lashes, so you won't end up with sparkles on your cheeks every time you blink.

    Urban Decay Heavy Metal, $20, available at Urban Decay

    If there's one thing 2018 has shown us, it's that rose gold is here to stay. This double-ended liner features both metallic and glitter rose-gold iterations to dial shine up or down, depending on the occasion (or just your mood).

    Tarte Limited-Edition Tarteist PRO Glitter Liner in Rose Gold, $24, available at Tarte

    The last thing we want to do after a long night is scrub glitter off our bleary-eyed faces. Enter this liner, which was developed to be peeled away for gentler removal.

    Too Faced Glitter Pop Peel-Off Eyeliner, $20, available at Sephora

    For those who don't want to drop serious makeup money on a one-off liner for NYE, there's this sweet little pot, which dispenses an ultra-fine line of ultra-fine glitter. But don't think of it as a throwaway: Designed to deliver a sheer wash of shine or pigmented glimmer when layered over standard liner, the shades and performance are as sophisticated as some of the pricier formulas on this list.

    e.l.f. Cosmetics Stardust Glitter Eyeliner, $4, available at e.l.f. Cosmetics

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    While wrapping up his tenure as governor of Ohio, Republican John Kasich signed Senate Bill 145 into law this week, banning the most common method of second trimester abortion. This follows over 20 abortion-limiting proposals Kasich has signed into law since taking office, positioning Ohio as one of the most restrictive states for abortion in the U.S.

    The new law bans the dilation and evacuation (D&E) procedure and imposes tight restrictions with little exception. Cases of rape or incest are not cause for leniency. The only exception to the law is if the mother’s life is proven to be at risk, reports CNN. Abortion providers in Ohio — which have decreased from 16 to seven clinics since Kasich took office in 2010 — could face fourth-degree felony charges, including prison time and fines, should they defy the ban. According to The Hill, this procedure constitutes 95% of second-trimester abortions.

    At the same time that he signed the ban on D&E procedures, Kasich vetoed the controversial “heartbeat” bill. If it had been approved, the legislation would have made an abortion illegal once a fetal heartbeat could be detected, which can be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. The proposed law was approved by the Ohio State Senate before being halted by Kasich. Like the newly passed law, its measures include criminalizing an increasing number of abortion procedures. “Ohio has added so many abortion restrictions that this was just about the only thing left to pass,” Elizabeth Nash, a policy analyst for pro-choice policy group the Guttmacher Institute told the Associated Press.

    Abortion rates are at an all-time low in the United States, according to a report from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. Wider access to affordable contraception is often credited for this decrease, which is largest in teens between the ages of 15 and 19.

    This is the second time Kasich has vetoed the “heartbeat” bill while passing others that are only slightly less restrictive. Kasich said the proposal was “contrary to the Supreme Court of the United States’ current rulings on abortion,” and his decision shows that that abortion rights is a battle of small and incremental steps. It is often a matter of passing something small enough that it is less likely to be contested as unconstitutional.

    However, Governor-elect Mike DeWine, a Republican, appears to be more aggressive in his approach. During the first gubernatorial debate in September, DeWine said he would sign the “heartbeat” bill into law if given the chance.

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    The Government Shut Down Over Trump’s Border Wall. What Happens Next?

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    Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.

    Today: a marketing specialist working in the food and beverage industry who makes $65,000 per year and spends some of her money this week on Quip toothbrush refills.

    Occupation: Marketing Specialist
    Industry: Food & Beverage
    Age: 24
    Location: Boston, MA
    Salary: $65,000
    Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $1,847

    Monthly Expenses
    Rent: $850 (I am renting an amazingly cheap (for Boston) two-bedroom apartment with one roommate.)
    Student Loan Payment: $0 (I feel incredibly lucky to have had all of my undergrad paid for by my parents and grandparents.)
    Car Insurance: $78
    Gas & Electric: This varies from $30-$150 for my half. (Old house + Boston winters = expensive heating.)
    Internet: $15 for my half
    Health Insurance: $0 (I'm still on my dad's.)
    Phone: $52 (I Venmo my mom for my share.)
    ClassPass: $45
    Spotify: $8.25 (Thanks to a $99/year special.)
    Netflix & HBO Go: $0 (Thanks, Mom!)
    Unlimited Transportation Pass: $25.35 (My employer pays the other 75%.)
    401(k): $162.50 (My employer matches 6%.)
    Savings: I save an average of $1,000 a month, which I transfer into a high-interest savings account in a different bank.

    Additional Expenses
    Credit Card: $450 annually to get amazing cash back/rewards, plus a $300 travel credit every year
    Pottery Class: $562.50/semester

    Day One

    7:45 a.m. — My alarm goes off, and I feel unusually fantastic. Maybe something to do with Mercury coming out of retrograde? I make a shot of espresso with the Nespresso machine that my mom bought me a few years ago, brush my teeth, get dressed, and leave for work ($2.25 T ride covered by my pass).

    2 p.m. — I have a productive morning at work — so productive that I blow through my lunchtime! I heat up leftovers from dinner last night: ground pork, noodles, and broccoli in a spicy peanut sauce. I also make a cup of green tea.

    5 p.m. — Leave work and take the T home. I quickly change and run out the door to my 6 p.m. yoga class that I booked earlier on ClassPass. This is my first month doing ClassPass, and I'm so glad I tried it. It has gotten me back into yoga, and I've found a studio I like so much that I'm going to cancel my ClassPass and give my money directly to the (locally owned and operated) yoga studio instead.

    7 p.m. — Get home and make dinner, which is kind of a hodgepodge — leftover ground pork from my noodle dish heated up on some corn tortillas that I snagged from work last week. I slice up the last of an incredible rosemary goat cheese from Trader Joe's and put it on top. Doesn't sound like it should taste good, but it somehow does!

    9 p.m. — I watch a few episodes of Gilmore Girls. (I've been rewatching it this time of year for the past three years — something about the show just feels so cozy and relaxing, so I binge-watch for a few weeks until I'm sick of it.) Then I fall asleep. I love going to bed early.

    Daily Total: $0

    Day Two

    7:45 a.m. — Alarm goes off again, but at least it's Friday! I make my espresso, do my morning routine, and head to work.

    12 p.m. — Lunchtime again. I've heard about an Italian market/sandwich shop nearby that I haven't tried yet, so I head over and get a chicken parm sub. I resist buying fancy cheese and Italian imported goods. $10.65

    5:30 p.m. — A few coworkers head to a nearby bar to hang out after work. I order a cider and have a few chips. I Venmo my coworker $10 to cover my share. $10

    8 p.m. — Leave the bar and take the T home. I stop in 7-Eleven on my way to buy a pint of mint cookies and cream ice cream, my favorite flavor, since I don't have anything sweet at home and need a lil' something. I immediately regret not going to the fancy local ice cream place to get a pint instead. It would've cost me double, but it would taste a billion times better. $3.99

    Daily Total: $24.64

    Day Three

    9 a.m. — I wake up for the pottery class that I go to every Saturday morning. It's my second "semester" at this studio, which is expensive, but having a creative outlet is so important to me. My car isn't drivable right now, so I try to take the bus, not realizing that it only runs once every hour on the weekends. I end up walking almost all of the two miles in 20 degree weather! Once I'm at the studio, I sign up for next semester to make sure I get a spot in the class I want ($562.50).

    1 p.m. — I have plans to go holiday shopping with my best friend today, and the studio is having its annual holiday sale, so I invite her to come take a look at all of the incredible handmade pottery as our first stop. We spend a while looking around, and I buy four more pieces to add to my collection. I try really hard to only purchase things that are functional as well as beautiful, because I hate clutter! I get a cup, a bowl, and a butter keeper. I also pay for my friend's three items so she gets my 10% member discount. $140.53

    3 p.m. — We walk to a nearby brewery that also has great food. I get a sour beer, Korean Brussels sprouts, and mac and cheese. My friend gets the same beer and a chicken quesadilla. She covers the bill, since it equals exactly what she owes me for her pottery purchases!

    4 p.m. — We take the T to a really cool holiday market that's popping up in an unused storefront in Harvard Square. I browse but don't get anything. My friend buys a trinket, and we decide to go to a different holiday market — 'tis the season, I guess! We take a bus that goes almost door to door.

    5 p.m. — We walk around the holiday market, and I consider a few soaps and (more) handmade pottery, but ultimately end up spending $20 on a bottle of rosemary-infused maple syrup because it is INCREDIBLE! Can't wait to drench pancakes and sausage in it. $20

    7 p.m. — We make our way over to a new market that opened recently. It's a bunch of tiny shops and food stalls around an open courtyard. I try on some vintage jeans in a secondhand store and find a pair that (mostly) fits me. Did no one in the '80s have a butt as big as mine or something?! They're $38, which I consider a steal. $38

    7:30 p.m. — We hit up the natural wine bar in the market and each get a glass of Beaujolais, then split a plate of cheese, baguette, and cornichon. We decide we also want oysters. The best part of this market is you can get food from any of the stalls and bring it elsewhere. I run over and get us six Wellfleet oysters, which are delicious. I pay for the oysters and my friend covers the wine. $12

    8:30 p.m. — We make one more stop in the market at the brewery. We each get a beer, which I cover. We then decide to close out the night with a pizza, which I also grab. It's amazing South Shore bar pizza, which is a very specific variety that has the perfect thin but chewy (and somehow cheesy??) crust. $27.29

    9:30 p.m. — We're both yawning, so we head out. My friend grabs us a Lyft, which manages to get a flat tire during our 10-minute ride! We switch Lyfts and hope that our first driver gets home okay. I watch half an episode of Gilmore Girls and pass out. Sleeping is the best.

    Daily Total: $237.82

    Day Four

    9 a.m. — Wake up, make vanilla chai tea, and waste some time on Reddit and YouTube. Then I get dressed and walk to yoga. It's inversions month, so we're working on a lot of arm balances. I love the strength I'm building. I go home and eat leftover Brussels sprouts, mac and cheese, and pizza from yesterday.

    3 p.m. — I like to give myself Sundays off to be lazy and completely unproductive because I'm an introvert and even leaving my house can sometimes be exhausting. I get a surge of energy today, though, and decide to head back to the pottery studio. I take the bus and spend a few hours listening to the Hamilton soundtrack (which has been randomly stuck in my head for a week even though I saw the show over two years ago!?) and throwing some decent ceramic wine glasses, then take the bus back home. I stop to marvel at some of the Christmas lights in my neighborhood, but can't help but think of all the electricity they must be using up.

    7 p.m. — Dinner is a random assortment of things again — two kinds of pasta, caramelized onions, roasted butternut squash, and a sauce made out of butter, lemon, and parmesan cheese. I love seeing what I can make out of random things in my pantry. Sometimes it goes horribly wrong, but not tonight!

    9 p.m. — More Gilmore Girls and sleep.

    Daily Total: $0

    Day Five

    7:45 a.m. — Up and at 'em. Happy Monday. Espresso, morning routine, and then I hit the road.

    12 p.m. — I have leftover pasta for lunch and get a $5 charge for my Quip toothbrush refill. I have a semi-productive day. Maybe it's a mental thing, but I never feel fantastic on Mondays. $5

    5 p.m. — I head out of work and stop at the grocery store for almond milk, eggs, unsalted butter for this week's cookie bake-off, flaky salt, fancy Irish butter, apples, and a loaf of sourdough. Dinner consists of me standing at the counter and slicing off pieces of bread, slathering them in butter, and sprinkling them with salt. How do normal people eat fresh bread?!

    9 p.m. — Dessert is more mint cookies and cream ice cream. I watch the newest episode of The Good Place and can't believe how funny and well-written this show is. Pass out and sleep well for the first night in a while!

    Daily Total: $5

    Day Six

    7:45 a.m. — Wake up, have an espresso, and go to work. Thrilling, I know.

    9 a.m. — Someone brought coffee, fruit, and trays of muffins and breakfast pastries. I load up on fruit and have a pecan roll.

    4 p.m. — We go to a bar/restaurant for our holiday party. I start with a sour beer and a slider. Dinner is a buffet of spinach salad, roasted Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, steak, mushroom ravioli, and fried chicken. I have a little of everything, along with two amazing matcha gin cocktails. Gin is my favorite liquor, which I'm convinced is because I never drank it in college, so it hasn't been ruined for me yet :).

    9 p.m. — I take a Lyft home and share it with a coworker who lives nearby. He sends me his half on Venmo. I eat some more bread and butter when I get home and then try to chug some water. Sleep comes quickly, thanks gin! $7.50

    Daily Total: $7.50

    Day Seven

    7:45 a.m. — Wake up and don't feel terrible. Espresso, go to work. Some of my older coworkers who stayed out longer than I did are definitely struggling. I'm weirdly proud of myself for not getting too drunk — the first time I went to an open bar was my cousin's wedding in college, and I ended up puking on the side of the tent. Clearly I've matured since then!

    10 a.m. — I get an email about a bill from Planned Parenthood, where I go for lady health problems, since I don't have a gyno in Boston. My insurance covered almost everything last time, but there's a little leftover balance from lab tests. Good news is that I'm completely healthy now! $13.36

    12 p.m. — I order a salad on the Sweetgreen app and run over to pick it up before a meeting. I get the Dan Barber special squash one, and it's good! I think that generally their salads are just okay, but I was in desperate need of some leafy greens today. $11.72

    5 p.m. — Hammer out some work before I run off to make it to yoga. The yoga teacher acknowledges me by name in class, which feels really nice!

    7 p.m. — I make dinner: frozen Trader Joe's paneer tikka masala (I'm obsessed), frozen broccoli, and a little more bread and butter. I also bake my cookies for the bake-off. I make that Instagram-famous salted dark chocolate shortbread, which I've made once before. I forget to grease the cookie sheet, though, and break a few trying to scrape them off :'(. The recipe only makes 20, so I eat the scraps and save all of the actual cookies for tomorrow.

    10:30 p.m. — The cookies took a while, so this is past my normal bedtime! I watch some of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel(highly recommend) and knock out.

    Daily Total: $25.08

    Money Diaries are meant to reflect individual women's experiences and do not necessarily reflect Refinery29's point of view. Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity or harmful behavior.

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    The Personal Finance Books You Need To Get Your Money Under Control

    6 Ways To Save Money When You Live In A City

    5 Credit Cards With Rewards You'll Actually Use

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    The government partially shut down at midnight on Friday after the House and Senate were unable to agree on a solution to President Donald Trump’s demand for $5 billion to build a wall on the southern border.

    Trump repeatedly blamed Democrats for the impasse, even tweeting a video late Friday saying, ”We’re going to have a shutdown.” Earlier that day, White House officials, including Vice President Mike Pence and Jared Kushner, bargained with congressional leaders at the Capitol — something Trump, who previously declared he would be “proud” to shut the government down over the wall, has been unwilling to do.

    The House and Senate were unable to come to a resolution during talks on Saturday, and the Senate will reconvene after Christmas, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.

    This is the third shutdown in two years. About 800,000 federal employees are affected, and funding for nine out of 15 cabinet-level departments and dozens of agencies has expired. Here’s how it affects certain parts of the government — and you:

    Federal Employees

    About 420,000 of the affected employees, including Border Patrol and Transportation Security Administration agents, are considered “essential” and will work unpaid through the holidays, while 380,000 are furloughed, which means they will stay at home and not earn pay. This includes 96% of NASA employees, according to the agency’s shutdown plan.

    However, the Senate passed legislation to ensure workers receive back pay, which the House is likely to approve, AP reports.

    Postal Service

    The U.S. Postal Service is not affected by the shutdown, as it is considered an independent agency — meaning you will still receive all your holiday packages. Similarly, troops will remain on duty and entitlement programs including Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and food stamps will continue.

    Federal Departments

    Most of the Department of Homeland Security will stay open. The TSA’s airline screeners and security officers will continue to work, so air travel and security operations will not be disrupted over the holiday period.

    Over at the State Department, visa and passport services will remain “as long as there are sufficient fees to support operations,” a spokesperson told the New York Times.

    The Agriculture Department will continue to inspect food, including anything certified for export, and 85% of the Justice Department will continue to work without pay, according to its shutdown plan. The Departments of Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Treasury, and Interior will see workers furloughed, while 34,600 Transportation Department employees will continue to work.

    National Parks

    About 80% of the Interior Department’s employees face immediate furloughs. Most parks will will remain open without staff, according to the department’s 2018 plan, but there will likely be confusion regarding which parks are open. Facilities including bathrooms may be shuttered, and both wildlife and visitors will face a lack of protections. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced the Grand Canyon will remain open, and the Smithsonian Museum said it has the funding to stay open until January 1. Ungated monuments at the National Mall will be accessible, and the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island remain open thanks to funding from New York state.

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    Activists Have Launched A New Website To Help Get Cyntoia Brown Home For Christmas

    Ohio Governor Bans Common Abortion Practice While Vetoing "Heartbeat" Bill

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  • 12/23/18--05:30: Your Horoscope This Week
  • Beware of misunderstandings this week, stargazers. Communication planet Mercury squares our dream planet, Neptune, on Monday. If you feel like someone isn’t picking up what you’re laying down, try to communicate your ideas in the simplest way possible. When these two planets clash, it’s easy for us to misinterpret each other’s intentions.

    Luckily, last week’s full moon will shine luck into our lives, imbuing us with positive emotional energy and charging us up for the final full week of the year. The moon wanes in Cancer until Monday around noon. She moves into Leo from Monday midday until Wednesday afternoon, coaxing the attention-seeking out of all of us. If you’re celebrating Christmas, you’ll be focusing on the reactions that you get from your gifts and the dinner table will be a loud and loving place. Make sure to show care and kindness to your family members, as we’re all looking to connect.

    From Wednesday to Friday afternoon, the moon shifts into Virgo, helping us prepare to get back to work and greet the new year! The moon spends Friday afternoon until Saturday in Libra, giving us a second wind to catch up with friends after the mid-week break.

    Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will form a sextile with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, on Friday. These two planets work together to tap into your subconscious desires for intimacy and financial security.

    March 21 to April 19

    The moon, your personal planet of home and family life, will be waning following last Saturday's full moon in Cancer. You might feel a little vulnerable on Monday. On this same day, Mercury, your personal planet of health and work, will square with Neptune, your planetary ruler of spirituality. If you’re going to be visiting with family, you may have a difficult time relating to each other.

    Are you trying to find deeper fulfillment in your work, Aries? If you must speak to your manager, make sure that they understand where you’re coming from. Soften the blow by explaining what you’re grateful for before giving them your honest truth. Family members are great to vent to, but if you start to notice their eyes glossing over, you’ll know you’ve gone too far.

    You'll feel much more comfortable on Tuesday, when the moon moves into Leo, drumming up a mood of celebration and showmanship. Suggest a game of charades or a round of karaoke to boost everyone’s spirits and egos! Venus, your personal planet of both love and money, will sextile with Pluto on Friday. You’ll be ending your week thinking about how you can generate more of both in your life next year.

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    April 20 to May 20

    On Sunday, we’ll still be basking in the glow of Cancer’s full moon, satisfied that we got in touch with our emotions. Unfortunately, that lunar glow may not translate on Monday, when communication planet and the ruler of your finances, Mercury, squares with Neptune, generating tension. If you can avoid having conversations about cash at the start of the week, you’ll be better off. Money is a touchy subject, and if you’re asking for a raise or to cash in on debts owed to you this week, you could be misunderstood. When the messenger planet squares with Neptune, starting conversations about finances will be awkward and your questions may be difficult to follow.

    On Friday, your ruling planet, Venus, will sextile with Pluto, your personal planet of love. Singles will find themselves redefining their relationship needs. This will help you to create better boundaries for relationships to come. Venus helps you to navigate the decisions you make relating to health and work.

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    May 21 to June 20

    If you spent your weekend assessing your finances, you’ll have the luck of this past Saturday's full moon in Cancer to help you through this week! Mercury and Neptune square on Monday, creating a disconnect between how we communicate with and hear each other. The messenger planet rules all matters related to home and family, while the planet of dreams is in charge of your career. You may have a hard time talking about your job and aspirations around your family if you’re together for Christmas Eve.

    Instead of speaking just about yourself, ask others about what they’re planning for the new year. Exercise patience, as they may press you to share first. On Friday, Venus is sextile with Pluto, your personal planet of health and work. Back in the office this week? Find ways to beautify your space or create a routine that inspires you to take on the new year in style!

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    June 21 to July 22

    You’re feeling energized from last Saturday’s full moon in your sign, Cancer (it helps that the moon is your ruling planet). The moon wanes in your sign on Monday and moves into Leo on Tuesday and stays there until Wednesday. Be on the lookout for people seeking recognition! You’re the Zodiac’s nurturer, so help cheer loved ones on when it looks like they could use a confidence boost.

    On Monday, Mercury squares with Neptune. Mercury represents your spirituality, while Neptune rules your luck and fortune. You may have some exciting ideas about how the two connect, but hold off on voicing those thoughts until this square passes. Whoever is listening may not understand what you’re trying to say, thanks to these two planets scrambling the signals. Make plans with your family on Friday when Venus forms a favorable sextile with Pluto. She’s the planetary ruler of home and family for you, while Pluto helps you to relax as your personal planet of recreation.

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    July 23 to August 22

    The week starts off on a foggy note when Mercury squares with Neptune on Monday. Just about everyone will feel confused as the planet responsible for our flow of communication works against the planet of dreams. You’ve got big ideas, but you may end up starting conversations about cash that don't go anywhere, thanks to this tricky square. Luckily, most people will be on holiday or checked out thoroughly, so save your thoughts for when you return to the office.

    Everyone’s trying to get on your level when the moon moves into your sign in the middle of the week. This could easily prove delightful or irksome — either way, enjoy the holiday and share the spotlight! You’re finding a better work-life balance on Friday when Venus and Pluto form a sextile. Big V is your personal planet of career, while little P manages your home and family life. They’re going to help you finish the year off right by revealing simple ways to create harmony and success!

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    August 23 to September 22

    If you’re off work this week, try relax as much as you plan and fine-tune your holiday plans. Anything that can keep your mind off of your job is an excellent idea while Mercury squares with Neptune, especially if you’re in a relationship. Your career planet is at odds with your personal planet of love and dreams. If you try to explain your latest ambitions to your partner during this square, they might not follow you in the way you want them to. If you feel like you’ve really hit a great idea, write it down and come back to it later, with fresh eyes.

    On Friday, your financial planet, Venus, forms a lovely sextile with Pluto, the planet of rebirth and transformation. You may be inspired to seek out a new source of income. Whatever you do, trust that you’ll be comfortable with money. Keep an eye on the post-Christmas sales to treat yourself for a successful end to 2018.

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    September 23 to October 22

    This past Saturday’s full moon in Cancer may have stirred up some feelings about your current position at work. Are you thinking about what you want to accomplish in the new year? With the moon ruling your career zone, your feelings about work tend to change with the lunar cycle. Take a break from your reflections on Monday, when Mercury squares with Neptune. It’s going to be hard to string a sentence together that people can relate to. The communication planet rules your deeper sense of self, while Neptune is in charge of health and work for you.

    You’ll find a better flow on Friday when your ruling planet, Venus, is sextile with Pluto! The littlest planet helps you manage your money and this week it'll spark your desire for a little treat. Friday is an excellent day to exchange any gifts that you accepted but needed “a different size” in. Wink.

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    October 23 to November 21

    Monday starts off on an odd note, thanks to Mercury squaring against Neptune. You are one of the few signs who isn’t all that affected by Mercury, but the people around you may be going a little haywire, Scorp. The planet of speech and coordination is at odds with the planet of illusion and dreams. People may share some grand ideas that sound more than a little strange. Take everything everyone says with a grain of salt. Their plans may not be fully formed yet!

    On Friday, Venus is sextile with Pluto, setting a romantic mood. Venus is your personal ruler of love, while Pluto rules your sign. When the two form a favorable aspect, your desire to transform your romantic relationships will increase. If you’re in a relationship, take your partner out on the town to reconnect. Single Scorpios will feel a renewed energy brewing in their souls!

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    November 22 to December 21

    If you’re hosting family over the holidays, consider Monday a write-off when it comes to conversation. Mercury will square with Neptune, creating some mental friction. It's going to be hard to talk about your job, relationship status, and living conditions (and really, what else do relatives ask about?). Your aspirations for work and love are ruled by Mercury while Neptune, the planet of dreams, is the ruler of your home and family areas. If you feel like your words are getting away from you, take a pause and focus on listening to your loved ones instead.

    The air will clear by Friday, when Venus and Pluto are sextile. Venus is your personal planet of health and work, while Pluto inspires your ever-changing search for meaning. If you find a trick that helps you maintain mental clarity, hold on to it and make it a habit in 2019.

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    December 22 to January 19

    Emotions ran deep last Saturday, when the full moon entered Cancer, your opposite sign. After encouraging you to listen to your psyche and nurture your emotions, the moon, your personal planet of love, will wane all week. You’ll notice some people hamming it up from Monday afternoon to Wednesday, when the moon is in Leo. If you’re celebrating this holiday season, embrace their energy and let loose!

    Watch out for mixed messages on Monday, when Mercury squares with Neptune. You’ll want to explain some of your dreamier ideas, but they could come out wrong. Put your thoughts to paper and bounce them off a close friend before putting them all the way out there. On Friday, your career planet, Venus, will enter a beautiful sextile with Pluto, the planet of transformation. Spend the day brainstorming how you want to take over the world!

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    January 20 to February 18

    After last Saturday’s full moon in Cancer, you’re ready to wind all the way down, Cancer. As the planetary ruler of your health and work, the moon may have made you feel like you were hurtling toward the finish line before the holidays hit. On Monday, messenger planet Mercury squares against Neptune, your personal planet of communication. Of all the signs, yours might have the hardest time explaining your thoughts clearly and concisely. Luckily, everyone else will be in the same boat, so consider Monday a day to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

    On Friday, you’ll be able to find a solution to creating a better balance between your personal and professional lives. Venus, your planetary ruler of home and family, will be sextile with Pluto, your cosmic career helper!

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

    February 19 to March 20

    Saturday’s full moon in fellow water sign Cancer really helped you connect with your feelings and creativity! If you came up with some brilliant ideas over the weekend, let them marinate before you share them with the world. On Monday, communication planet Mercury will square with Neptune. This square will throw everyone’s ability to communicate way, way off. Neptune is your ruling planet, so you may find this square especially frustrating. Don’t let your ideas die on paper, Pisces — remind yourself to pick them up again in 2019 when everyone is fresh to receive information post-vacation.

    On Friday, Venus, the planet of charm and beauty will form a sextile with Pluto, the planet of rebirth. Will you adopt a brand new look for your NYE celebrations next week? Go shopping and begin your transformation — what a brilliant way to end 2019!

    Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

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    For those with natural hair, hot tools are like an ex — you broke up for a reason, but every once in a while you get the urge to go back for more. Well, the next time you get the desire to pull out the blowdryer or flat iron, remember that too much heat can cause curls to go permanently limp. (Heat damage is real!) But if you're dead set on wearing soft, ringlets, there are alternative ways to get them.

    Thanks to the versatility of natural hair, you can manipulate your strands to form curls that look like you spent hours under the hood dryer or using a curling wand — but without using any heat. All you need is the right tools (like flexi or perm rods) and enough time to air-dry.

    Ahead of your next styling session, we rounded up three easy tutorials to help you curl your strands — no heat required.

    Flexi Rod Set

    One of the most common ways to get defined curls without using heat is by using flexi rods, which you can pick up at your local drugstore or beauty supply store. According to Koni Bennet, stylist and owner of Vanity salon, a flexi rod set is one her favorite methods for curling natural hair.

    "Curly hair shrinks in its natural state," she says. "I love this method because it curls and stretches the hair at the same time." If you're going into a flexi rod set without heat, though, be warned that it might take hours for your hair to set. "It all depends on how your hair usually air-dries, but I usually recommend that clients don't do this style on drenched wet hair," she says. Instead, Bennet suggests letting your hair partially dry in sections, keeping it detangled so your curls can take shape without knots. You can also use the "banding" or African threading method to elongate your hair by wrapping elastic bands or braiding yarn down the length of your hair so that it doesn't shrink as it air-dries.

    Then, you can grab your pack of flexi rods and follow along to this video to see exactly how it's done.

    Perm Rod Set

    Ebony Bomani, stylist and educator for The Mane Choice, swears by perm rod sets for heat-free curls. The process (which you can see here), is similar to a flexi rod set, but the roller is made of sturdy, plastic material and a rubber clamp to hold your hair in place.

    "The key here is making sure your hair is detangled throughout the process," Bomani tell us. She explains that in order to achieve a look similar to the final style in this video, your hair should be smooth and flat around the roller. Once your hair is totally dry, you should be left with soft spirals that only look like they were blown out first.

    Bantu Knot-Out

    Many people prefer to lightly blowdry natural hair before attempting a bantu knot-out, but this video is proof that heat isn't totally necessary. But once again, Bennet suggests prepping your strands instead of starting on your hair wet, like you'll see in this clip. "If you're not going to smooth out your hair [with heat] prior to bantu knots, you should divide your hair into large sections and loosely braid or twist it to stretch and dry your hair," she explains. "Otherwise your hair can take a long time to dry and you might not get the results you're looking for."

    Once your strands are dry, you can separate and twist your hair around in a circular motion to form the knot. You can leave your knots in for hours (overnight), or you can rock them for a few days before unraveling them. But for soft, shiny curls that look like they could have been done with a curling wand, use a lightweight oil for your last step. "I like to lightly cover my hands with almond oil to add shine to the hair and to keep the curls frizz-free," Bennet says.

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    I Made Eggs From Scratch Without A Whisk

    On Good Chef, Bad Kitchen , professionals take on the ultimate challenge: Cooking in a bare, under-utilized kitchen. In this episode, chef Mimi Weissenborn of Vinateria makes eggs Benedict from scratch in a tiny kitchenette. The catch: She doesn't have a whisk.

    Making brunch at home can be a daunting task. The ingredients, the time, the effort, and the fact that you might be hungover all contribute to the likelihood that you'll find yourself out at a restaurant, ordering eggs Benedict instead of making it at home.

    When it's your job, though, you can whip up brunch like it's no big deal. So we decided to make this challenge a little more difficult for Chef Mimi Weissenborn of New York City's Vinateria. We asked her to make this classic brunch dish in the tiniest NYC kitchen we could find — with just a burner, a toaster oven, forks, and spoons. There was no whisk in sight.

    Watch Mimi take on this challenge above (that two-fork trick is clutch), then read on below for her recipe.

    Mimi Weissenborn's Eggs Benedict Recipe

    For the biscuits:
    1/2 cup cake flour
    1/2 cup bread flour
    1 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/2 tbsp salt
    1/2 tbsp sugar
    5 tbsps butter
    1/4 cup heavy cream
    1/2 cup buttermilk
    1 egg

    For the hollandaise:
    4 egg yolks
    2-3 tbsps lemon juice
    White pepper
    1 cup butter, melted

    For the poached eggs:
    2-3 tbsps distilled vinegar
    4 eggs

    For assembly:
    Canadian bacon
    Black pepper


    For the biscuits:
    1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

    2.Cut butter into small dice and place in refrigerator.

    3. Combine all dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Using hands take chilled butter and start to incorporate into flour mixture, until all pieces have been broken down.

    4. In a bowl combine buttermilk, heavy cream and eggs. Beat mixture together until well combined.

    5. Add wet mixture into the dry, kneading the dough together ever so lightly until it comes together. Wrap dough mixture in plastic and let rest in refrigerator for a minimum of 30 minutes.

    6. Roll out rested dough on a well floured surface, about an inch thick. Use a round or squared ring mold to cut the biscuits. Place on a parchment lined sheet tray.

    7. Bake at 375 degrees F for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.

    For the hollandaise:
    1. In the top of a double boiler, whisk together egg yolks, lemon juice, white pepper, if you have it.

    2. Add melted butter to egg yolk mixture, 1 or 2 tablespoons at a time, while whisking yolks constantly. If hollandaise gets too thick, add a tsp or two of hot water.

    3. Continue whisking until all butter is incorporated. Whisk in salt, cover and store in warm place.

    For the eggs:
    1. Fill a medium sized pot with 3 inches of water, add vinegar and season with salt (to taste).

    2. Bring to a simmer. Hint: it should never boil. Gently crack an egg into the center of pot, allowing the white to envelope the yolk. Check the eggs after 4 minutes.

    3. Repeat steps with remaining eggs. Use slotted spoon to lift egg out of the water. The whites should be firm and the yolks still soft to touch; if the egg is still not quite done drop back in the water for an additional minute. When eggs have reached desired firmness remove from water and place on a paper towel lined plate.

    4. Assemble your eggs Benedict by cutting the biscuits in half, placing them cut-side up. Fry some Canadian bacon, flipping occasionally until both sides have browned. Place bacon on top of the biscuits, followed by a poached egg, a spoonful or two of hollandaise sauce, and some freshly cracked pepper. Serve immediately.

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    Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.

    Today: a program associate working at a research lab who makes $50,000 per year and spends some of her money this week on red wine.

    Occupation: Program Associate
    Industry: Research Lab
    Age: 23
    Location: New York, NY
    Salary: $50,000
    Paycheck Amount (Biweekly): $1,450

    Monthly Expenses
    Rent: $1,525 rent for a studio apartment. Heat and hot water are included.
    Unlimited MetroCard: $121
    Renter's Insurance: $6.91
    Gas/Electric: ~$30
    Wifi: $45
    Flywheel Membership: $216
    Phone: $0 (I'm on my family's plan.)
    Apple Music: $4.99
    Netflix: $0 (I use my sister's account.)
    401(k): I contribute $50/paycheck and my employer matches 3%.
    Roth IRA: $100 (I graduated from college, moved, and got a new job less than a year ago, so I spent a lot of my savings on moving and getting my new life together! I am planning to reallocate some of my paycheck to my 401(k) and Roth IRA once I catch up on savings.)
    Savings: $500 (I spend a lot of money traveling, but to me it's 100% worth it. I used to live in Germany and I like to visit once a year, and also I go on a trip once a year to somewhere new! After travel, I try to keep at least $3,000 per year in my savings for future rent, moving expenses, grad school, and an emergency fund.)

    Day One

    6:45 a.m. — Monday hits me like a ton of bricks. I "wake up" at 6:45 but don't get out of bed until 7:20. Coffee, dry shampoo, light makeup, grab a piece of fruit for later, and I'm out the door by 7:45.

    8:40 a.m. — Every Monday morning, I leave a few minutes early to stop at Trader Joe's on my way to work. There's a big fridge in my office pantry, so I buy ingredients to make my own lunch for the week: a bag of spring mix, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, croutons, and balsamic vinaigrette. Five salads for the price of one at Sweetgreen! $12.04

    10 a.m. — About once a month, I order a big box of oatmeal to be delivered to work and have a cup for late breakfast every day. I don't get hungry until later in the morning, so I always have coffee early at home and bring fruit to have with my oatmeal mid-morning. The cost of each oatmeal cup is about 50 cents when I buy in bulk, and it leaves me full until lunch!

    1:30 p.m. — I take a late lunch in our courtyard with a coworker. I'm glad to have found someone who's an ice queen like me — I'm cold-blooded and love to sit outside when it's freezing. I have my TJ's salad and coffee (free from the lab). My job title is pretty ambiguous, but I'm essentially a lab/office manager at a hospital lab. After lunch, I go over a manuscript from my boss and submit it to a scientific journal for review.

    6 p.m. — I work from 9 to 5, and go to a 6 p.m. spin class three to four times a week. I pay for an exclusive studio membership because I'm obsessed with Flywheel! I run two to three full marathons a year and do spin to supplement cross-training. I've made so many great friends here and I run outside for free on the weekend, so this expense for after-work classes is a top priority for me.

    7:30 p.m. — A friend from spin wants to grab drinks after class. We pay for our own beverages (I have a glass of pinot noir), but my friend wants to cover the fries and shishito peppers we share. I have a slice of dollar pizza on the train platform on my way home. I get back around 9:30 and start my bedtime routine. $10

    9:15 p.m. — I have created a great bedtime routine that takes about 45 minutes: I stretch and do a quick core workout on my yoga mat, shower, moisturize my whole body, put on Crest Whitestrips while I wash dishes and clean up, and then get in bed, where I write in my journal and check up on my daily finances for my budget spreadsheet. My downfall is falling asleep to an episode of The Office that I've seen 100 times on Netflix. I don't pay for an account, but I use my sister's literally only for this bad habit!!

    Daily Total: $22.04

    Day Two

    7:30 a.m. — I physically cannot get out of bed without snoozing my alarm. When I finally get up, I have coffee and leave around 8:15. I'm so excited because I have two new episodes of my favorite podcasts — This American Life and Crime Junkie — to listen to!

    10 a.m. — More coffee (free from work) plus my oatmeal and a few clementines that I brought from home. I'm so excited because winter equals clementine and pomegranate season. I run a biweekly medical research seminar on Tuesdays, so I spend the morning going over the postdoc's presentation, making sure catered lunch is on its way, and setting up the room. I end up staying for the presentation because it's in a field that I'm considering for grad school. We get free catered lunch for these seminars, so I have a goat cheese and roasted veggie wrap and save my TJ's salad for a late afternoon snack.

    6 p.m. — Spin (prepaid with my membership) and then a trip to my favorite place... The Container Store!!! It sounds lame, but I'm obsessed. I buy a few bins that will fit under my bed to get rid of some clutter on my bookshelf. Studio life is no joke — I love it endlessly, but you really have to optimize all your storage space!! I lived off campus during college with roommates, but had saved a lot by graduation and chose to make the leap to a studio apartment. Though my parents were incredibly kind in paying for my undergrad, I worked multiple jobs throughout school and have supported myself in every aspect besides tuition and my phone bill. Living alone in Manhattan with a 40-minute commute is 100% worth the half-paycheck price, and I relish coming home to peace and quiet every night. $21.40

    8:30 p.m. — I get home and have TJ's vegetarian chili for dinner. I'm a pescatarian, so though I take the necessary vitamins for iron, etc., I'm always looking for more sources of protein. I top the bean and red onion chili with a squeeze of lime and shredded Unexpected Cheddar (TJ'S GOLD MINE OF CHEESE). Plus I toast a slice of sourdough to dip into it. Then I do my bedtime routine and go to sleep by 11.

    Daily Total: $21.40

    Day Three

    7 a.m. — I actually get out of bed at 7:25. I am fully aware of the sleep benefits of getting up at your first alarm, but it's just never going to happen. Coffee, makeup, run a straightener through my hair, grab fruit, and leave by 8:15. On my way to work, I call my parents to catch up. I make a point to call them both at least once a week. My little sister is my absolute best friend, so we talk more often over text and FaceTime.

    10:30 a.m. — Oatmeal and an apple for breakfast. I spend most of my day at work editing a grant proposal for my boss. I have my TJ's salad for lunch and then some pita chips I left in my desk for an afternoon snack. I take a 20-minute break after lunch to work on Duolingo — I'm fluent in Spanish and German and try to practice both daily so that I won't lose them! I also add a few lessons of High Valyrian...yes, I'm such a Thrones nerd that I am learning a completely useless fictional fantasy language.

    6 p.m. — Day off from spin and I head to my friend's apartment for a movie night. She's making dinner, and I pick up a bottle of wine to split. We watch Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (though I've seen it a million times, as I'm a die-hard ABBA fan), and I stay to catch up after the movie. We are basically neighbors, so it's just a 10-minute walk home. I listen to an episode of another great podcast — Guys We F****d — as I do my bedtime routine. Instead of watching The Office or going to bed right away, I read Michelle Obama's new book, which just arrived in the mail! I like to utilize the library, but this was a book I knew I'd want to keep. Ugh. I miss the Obamas. $11.97

    Daily Total: $11.97

    Day Four

    7 a.m. — Snooze my alarm, then have coffee. I leave a few minutes early because I have a Liquiteria coupon, and I order a half-priced Mean Green smoothie for breakfast on the way to work. $4.48

    11 a.m. — Oatmeal. I'm a creature of habit. Today, I'm doing some general lab maintenance and meeting with our grants finance team. I get an hour lunch, so I do Duolingo after I eat my salad with coworkers. I also buy tickets for my mom and me to go to the Elton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. She took me to his concert when I was younger, and I can't wait to surprise her with tickets to his last tour! I pay for nearly everything on a rewards credit card (and pay it off right away) — so I have plenty of cash back points to cover these tickets. I've had a few different cards for almost six years to build my credit score, but hate keeping a balance after the billing cycle. $425

    6 p.m. — I meet a friend for a quick happy hour drink and snack before a 7:30 performance of The Office! A Musical Parody.(We bought tickets awhile ago.) It is LIFE-CHANGING!!!!!!!! I cannot recommend it enough. I'm still humming the soundtrack. Incredible. $18.25

    10 p.m. — Get home late after the show but I'm starving, so I pop TJ's frozen spanakopita in the oven while I do my bedtime routine — minus the Whitestrips. Asleep around midnight.

    Daily Total: $447.73

    Day Five

    7 a.m. — Friday!! I am out of bed by 7:10 — truly shocking. I read more of Michelle Obama's book on the train to work and am inspired to make a $20 donation to Planned Parenthood. I wish I could give more, but I like to believe that every little bit counts! $20

    3 p.m. — We have a weekly afternoon lab meeting every Friday and I'm presenting a new strategy to my boss today, so I scarf down my oatmeal and then my salad as I prep. Everything goes well! I love my current job, but I am looking to head back to grad school in the next few years and my bosses are very supportive of my future plans. My work friends and I take a coffee break after the meeting and discuss our upcoming skiing plans. I'm from New England, so I try to ski as often as possible on winter weekends, but it's tough when you're car-less!

    6 p.m. — I stop to get my eyebrows done on the way to spin. Last year for Christmas, my mom got me a yearly pass for unlimited eyebrow waxing, and I go every two weeks because my my eyebrows somehow grow at 100x the speed of the hair on my head! I tip 20% ($4). Right after spin class, I head to Trader Joe's and buy multiple cheeses, vegetarian chili, tofu, orzo, rice pilaf, avocados, pomegranates, clementines, shishito peppers, coffee, garlic parm pita chips, and cod fish ($46.21). $50.21

    9 p.m. — At heart I am 23 going on 40: On Friday nights, I almost always just workout, grocery shop, and then have a date night in with myself. While I'm generally somewhat extroverted, I really feel the need to take time to relax after the work week and recharge for the weekend. I make rice pilaf and cod with garlic and lemon, and then fry shishito peppers with olive oil and sea salt. I have two glasses of red wine and watch an episode of MasterChef while I eat. Then I FaceTime my sister before doing my bedtime routine, reading more of Michelle Obama's book, and falling asleep by midnight.

    Daily Total: $70.21

    Day Six

    9 a.m. — I sleep in until 9 and then have a pomegranate for breakfast — messy, but worth it. I head to 10 a.m. yoga at a studio near my house. There's an amazing studio near me that's only $8 a class. I love this teacher and go two to three times a month if I have a free weekend morning. After yoga, I drop my mat at my apartment and go on a quick 30-minute run on the river. I have two half marathons and one full marathon coming up between February and April. In summer/winter, I spin more than I run, but as the races get closer, I will spin two to three days a week and run three to four with a track workout once a week and longer weekend runs. $8

    1 p.m. — I hop in the shower and then head to the laundromat across the street. It's $3.75 for a medium wash/dry and the machines lock, so I can set a timer on my phone and head back to my apartment while my clothes are in. While I wait, I clean my bathroom and vacuum. $3.75

    3 p.m. — I have an early dinner/late lunch of tofu, broccoli, and orzo with garlic salt and parmesan cheese. I always have a minimum of three cheeses in my fridge at any given time. (Currently it's feta, cheddar, and parm.) I make two portions and put the second in a plastic container for my drunk self to have later tonight.

    6 p.m. — I'm meeting my old boss for drinks — I worked full time at a restaurant nights/weekends throughout college, and made some incredible lifelong friends there! We mean to get a glass or two of wine, but end up with three glasses of wine each and a cheese board?? Whoops. Can't have enough cheese in my opinion. I try to split the bill, but she insists it's on her.

    9 p.m. — I stay too long at the bar and sprint to my friend's apartment nearby where I am late for game night. We play Settlers of Catan and various trivia games. I Venmo them for some wine/beer/snacks that they already bought. Then I take the train home around 11:30 and thank my past self for the leftovers in the fridge. Pass out around 12:30 a.m. sans bedtime routine. $10

    Daily Total: $21.75

    Day Seven

    10 a.m. — I don't usually sleep this late, but then again, I rarely ever stay out as late as I did last night. I have fruit, toast, and coffee for breakfast, then head out on a long run down the river.

    1 p.m. — I babysit occasionally as a side gig, and today I am picking up the girls from dance and then taking them to a birthday party — super easy. I can use the extra cash, but I also do like spending time with kids. It really makes me miss my little sister, even though she is not so little anymore!!

    5 p.m. — I get home and call my sister, pay some bills online, and flag some flights on Hopper for my spring trip to Germany. I'm inspired to do extra German Duolingo, which leads me to put on a German news podcast while I cook dinner. I make more vegetarian chili for dinner at home — of course, with a mountain of cheddar. Then I do a long stretch while I listen to another German podcast — my hips get really tight from running.

    9 p.m. — I get out a face mask and hop in bed early with a glass of wine. I order a few household items on Amazon than I replenish in bulk every few months, and then I text a friend about visiting her back in New England after the holidays. Though I love New York, I ache for wide open green spaces. I try to spend the majority of weekends hiking upstate or racing and skiing. I have enough points on my Amtrak credit card to book a roundtrip ticket to see her in a month for a ski weekend! She'll pick me up from the train, and I'll pay for a single day lift ticket when I get there. $51.88

    Daily Total: $51.88

    Money Diaries are meant to reflect individual women's experiences and do not necessarily reflect Refinery29's point of view. Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity or harmful behavior.

    The first step to getting your financial life in order is tracking what you spend — to try on your own, check out our guide to managing your money every day. For more money diaries, click here. Have questions about how to submit or our publishing process? Read our Money Diaries FAQ doc here:

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